The Magic Math: The Magic Math Humbly Suggest Living Is a Miracle

Jedd Beaudoin

Humor belongs in music but so do melody, harmony, and good songs. Thankfully, The Magic Math has all that.

The Magic Math

The Magic Math Humbly Suggest Living Is a Miracle

Label: Mathemagical Music
US Release Date: 2012-01-24
UK Release Date: Import

At times reminiscent of Harry Nilsson, the Monkees, and other proud purveyors of unabashed pop music that had old-time-y leanings without new-time-y pretensions, the Magic Math is not above having a sense of humor -- hey, this is a double EP, right? but it’s not so focused on having a good time that everything else falls apart. The first half (The Humble EP) is graced with “Living Is a Miracle”, “Can’t Wait”, “Abracadabra” and “King of the Rock Scene”. The second half, The Even More Humble EP includes highlights “Let’s Go Down to the Graveyard”, “On a Limb” and “The Lazy Loafer’s Lament”. The first, to these ears, is a little more fully realized but not necessarily better -- just different, from a group that is delightful in its difference. Down home, homespun fun.


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