Red Baraat’s Festival of Colors: 29 March 2013 – New York (Photos)

Red Baraat's Second Annual Festival of Colors Show Photos.
Red Baraat

Red Baraat pulled out all the stops for a celebration of the Indian holiday of Holi at Webster Hall in New York. Well all the stops save one — there was no throwing of colors going on inside the venue (probably because the resulting mess would require tremendous effort to clean up).

But the dhol ‘n’ brass band didn’t disappoint. With free Indian sweets for those in attendance and an opening performance from the Parijat Desai Dance Company, the Festival of Colors kicked off. Before Red Baraat’s performance, the audience received some Indian dance instruction from the stage, though in reality it would take very little from the band to get them moving. When it struck 9 pm, Red Baraat kicked off their celebration. The nearly 90 minute performance was practically a non-stop dance fest and included stilted walkers parading the dance floor adding little flourishes and posing for photos. But if it was the seven men of Red Baraat that made the evening. As they had a grand old time, they shared their positive vibes with the enthusiastic audience.

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