NYC Brewers Guild Block Party (Preview: 25 August 2013)

NYC Beer Week doesn’t come around again until 2014, but that doesn’t mean the New York City Brewers Guild hasn’t already started getting ready for the festivities. To kick off fundraising for next year’s week filled with fine brews from around the world, the Brewers Guild will be throwing a Block Party at The Well in Brooklyn on August 25.

While a number of notable beer festivals in the area have gone for quantity, the Brewers Guild has decided to take a different approach. Inviting only 25 of the finest breweries from both the local New York scene and across the country, this year’s Block Party is set to feature some rare and exquisite offerings that you won’t be able to find just anywhere.

“One of my favorite aspects of the craft beer community and one of the rare things that separates our small businesses is an ongoing sense of collaboration and camaraderie even within a competitive beer world,” noted Brewers Guild President Jeremy Cowan. “Whether it’s sharing hops, or working together on marketing and events — because craft beer is still such a small segment of the overall beer market — it’s amazing how often we can collaborate for the overall goal of expanding small business and better beer.”

And with such a positive competitive spirit running through the brewers’ veins, it will be a delight to catch them all throw down their finest brews on August 25. Some of the interesting local offerings to look forward to include: Eataly Birreria’s Angelica Brown Ale, Sixpoint’s Unfiltered Keller Lager, 508 GastroBrewery’s Sour Seduction Saison and Peekskill’s Vaporizer Imperial Stout.

And the beer list opens up outside of New York, too, with breweries like Founders, Stillwater, Uinta and 21st Amendment coming in to add some contrast to the plethora of city brews. On inviting New York outsides, Cowan notes, “The New York beer scene is more vibrant than ever, with stellar national and international reach as well as extremely limited local-only breweries. Inviting our favorite friends from outside the city and across the country helps showcase the exceptional level of quality of both New York City beers and our favorites from around the country.”

Indeed, the New York beer scene is making huge strides with new and innovative brewers opening up shop on a regular basis. Cowan had trouble picking just one favorite upstart, but he did point to a few that are kicking up some exciting buzz. “It’s a bit like choosing from your own line-up of favorites — difficult if not impossible. However I’ve personally been excited about the small batches from 508 GastroBrewery, and the ongoing pale ale explorations from Bronx Brewery. I’m also really enjoying all the beers from Empire Brewing, and my current favorites are coming from Peekskill with incredible hop flavors, and complex and balanced recipe profiles.”

With less than a week remaining before the Brewers Guild sets up shop in Brooklyn on August 25 for their Block Party, there is no better time to invest in some tickets to catch a rare offering of some of New York’s finest. Beyond an exciting mix of suds, patrons can expect a DJ set from Brooklyn indie band Small Black, nail art from Nails and Ales, Kelvin Natural Slush Co. Beer Slushies and more. Tickets for the Brewers Guild Block Party can be purchased here.