Ray and Remora – “Feel the Pain” Dinosaur Jr. cover (video) (Premiere)

Ray and Remora is the new duo of Dan Crane (Nous Non Plus) and singer Amanda Walker and their new album 1994 celebrates the great indie rock of the '90s.

Ray and Remora‘s Dan Crane wanted to revisit the music of his 20s by covering tunes from the albums that influenced him most as a young musician. Ironically, his musical partner Amanda Walker is exactly 20 years younger than him, so this music is somewhat new to her, allowing for a fresh take on indie rock cornerstones. Today, we bring you the video premiere of the group’s version of Dinosaur Jr.’s “Feel the Pain”.

Crane tells PopMatters that “a few weeks ago, on a rare rainy night in L.A., I was giving Remora a ride home from rehearsal and we were listening to the CD we had just gotten from our manufacturer. Our cover of Dinosaur Jr.’s ‘Feel the Pain’ came on and something about the rain and the song just clicked. So without really even thinking about it, I pulled out my iPhone and started shooting out the window. When the vocals came in, I turned the camera towards Remora and she instinctively started singing along. Though I was driving, my alter ego (air guitar legend “Björn Türoque”) had to do some shredding…We did a couple of takes, just driving around L.A. in the rain, and then our friend Brian Dove turned it into an amazing video.”