Elizabeth Cho

Elizabeth Cho is a writer and art consultant based in New York City. She serves as a book reviewer and contributing editor for KGB Lit, the brainchild of the legendary literary venue, KGB Bar, in the East Village, NYC. A generalist whose interests range across many disciplines, arts, and cultures, she believes in tangents, intersections and following the white rabbit. She seeks to integrate and synthesize the divergent and the disparate in her work. She has many names -- Liz, Echo, Joo Yun, Betty, Aliza, Erszebet, Zhao Xiaoling -- from her multicultural and multilingual background. Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Elizabeth Cho went through the international school system and matriculated to Brown University where she received her BA in business and MA in art and archaeology. Applying her degree, she worked at Sotheby's and Phillips auction houses and gained marketing experience with agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi. Currently, she works as a private art consultant, connecting emerging artists with young collectors. In her spare time, she is involved in alumni activities for her alma mater

The Kite Runner

Experts and the Individualism Paradox

Hallyu, the Korean Wave

Warcrack: The Second Coming