Photo: Amelia Lyon / Courtesy of Noisy Ghost PR

The Cabin Fever Goes Cult With “The Brown Bunny” (premiere)

Mysterious Los Angeles outfit the Cabin Fever draws inspiration from Heaven's Gate and surrealistic film on "The Brown Bunny".

Los Angeles outfit the Cabin Fever returns with a new video for the dark and possibly sinister track “The Brown Bunny” and the tune, combined with the music creates a hair-raising adventure for listeners far and wide with chilling guitar lines, disquieting vocals and the overall sense that one is either being cast into a void or cast into space.

Speaking about the track, the group’s lead vocalist, S. Moriarty said, “It’s inspired by the mysterious Heaven’s Gate group from the 1990s as well as the surrealistic film Enter the Void. We wanted to create an intimate and slightly voyeuristic feel for this live in-studio video. In order to accomplish this we created a cozy and warm-lit atmosphere inside the famed Sunset Sound studio in Los Angeles with the purpose of bringing the viewer, as a close observer, into the experience of recording and playing this song.”

The singer continues, “Joel Bedolla, Tripp Beam and Jon Joseph lent their talents performing, while Bill Mims handled the stellar audio engineering. D.P. & cinematographer Nate Klein perfectly captured the visuals, and Kevin Strick tied it all together directing and edited the film with an expert hand. We hope you get lost with us in this strange world that is the Cabin Fever.”