Junkie XL – “Jaws” (video) (premiere)

Junkie XL has composed a mesmerizing score for a new surfing documentary and today we are sharing one of the tracks.

Dutch producer Junkie XL‘s latest music is the impressive new score from the Red Bull Media House film Distance Between Dreams that documents one of the greatest surf seasons ever through the eyes of surfer Ian Walsh. Junkie XL uses traditional analog synthesizers that roil with the waves of water in the video and mesmerize with gentle beats that seem programmed to reflect the very earth itself.

It’s a stirring score that draws you close into the film and the video. “Jaws” features stunning landscapes of water and mountain, beach, and waves that begin with tones of warm blues and greens before shifting through the course of the song to darker tones and more insistent roiling from the score.

Tom Holkenborg who is Junkie XL says, “I decided to work with real synthesizers, and they all have their ups and downs. They sound fantastic, but they’re hard to control — almost like a real wave out at sea that you’re trying to surf. It’s not the same wave every time; it’s different.”

The soundtrack for Distance Between Dreams is out now via Lakeshore Records.