Nigel Hall - "Gimme a Sign" (video) (premiere)

Soul singer Nigel Hall's "Gimme a Sign" takes R&B music back to a time when wasn’t just a genre, it was a lifestyle.

We like soul musician Nigel Hall so much at PopMatters that we placed his recent album at #3 on our Best R&B of 2015 list late last year. Colin McGuire wrote that "'Gimme a Sign' takes R&B music back to a time when wasn’t just a genre, it was a lifestyle, its guitar recalling that of Steve Cropper and his work on pretty much every Stax Records single between 1962 and 1965.

In this new video for "Gimme a Sign", Hall gathers together a bunch of his fans to hold up signs forming the lyrics of the song.

Hall says, "much love to PopMatters for premiering the #GimmeASign video my fans put together for our first single. Getting to work with all these wonderful people that love the Ladies & Gentleman… Nigel Hall record was so much fun, and we were humbled by the countless submissions we received!"

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