North Mississippi Allstars: 11 September 2013 - New York (Photos & Stream)

A North Mississippi Allstars performance will satisfy your appetite for blues guitar and then some.

North Mississippi Allstars
City: New York
Venue: Irving Plaza
Date: 2013-09-11

At the core of the North Mississippi Allstars are the Dickinson brothers, with Luther on guitar and Cody on percussion, electric washboard and more, though both handle more instruments on stage (. The group's longtime bassist, Chris Chew has recently been replaced by Lightning Malcolm for the tour and on their newest album, World Boogie is Coming, released just this month. With Lightning Malcolm and his friend Stud along for the ride and serving as the opener, the Dickinson brothers brought their powerful roots rock to the cozy Irving Plaza in New York for a nearly two performance. The crowd sauntered in slowly, many missed the openers, but they were comfortable with that for world boogie had arrived.

As the frontman, Luther leaves the strongest impression of the band wielding his guitar with equal amounts of playfulness and temerity that he is able to mix traditions of blues, funk and rock fluidly into something vigorous and spiritual. Adding to the man's showmanship, he even plays a cigar box-bodied guitar and one made from a coffee can from time to time. But Cody's dexterity and attitude is not to be taken lightly. The man captivates an audience when he takes a solo on his electric 'Woogie Board', a wash board, because his rapid finger strides are just so impressive – before rolling into a song about a train. At times he could even donned novelty hats and masks for no imaginable purpose other than his own amusement.

The highlight of the set was the band's version of "Let My Baby Ride" -- the marvelous weight of the guitars and bass built up high enough to reach the balcony. Luther was standing on one of the drums to reach a zone that was less dense. Soon after the entire band, joined by Stud, began a percussive segment, eventually leading them off the stage. It wasn't the end though, as the band soon reappeared on the dance floor for a short parade through the audience before a short break and then returning for their impressive encore. North Mississippi Allstars put on a riveting performance that dabbles through varying, potent Americana. Be on the lookout for their boogie.

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Streamcourtesy of nyctaper:



Station Blues

Turn Up Satan

Shake 'Em on Down (R.L. Burnside)

Rollin' & Tumblin' (Muddy Waters)

Meet Me in the City (Junior Kimbrough)

Shake (Yo Mama)

Lord Have Mercy (instrumental)>Goat Meat

Mystery Train

Po Black Maddie

Skinny Woman


The Meeting

Mississippi Bollweevil (Charley Patton)

The Meeting

World Boogie

Mean Ol' Wind Died Down

Up Over Yonder

Let My Baby Ride (R.L. Burnside)

My Babe

Granny Does Your Dog Bit

Goin' Down South (R.L. Burnside)

I'm Leavin'

KC Jones

All Night Long (Junior Kimbrough)

ML (Goin' Home)

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