I Built My World Around You: Olbermann Makes MAD's "20 Dumbest" at #7

A PopMatters Exclusive. MAD's "20 Dumbest, 2011" hits newsstands this December. In an exclusive-access interview with MAD Editor John Ficarra, we explore Keith Olbermann's relationship with MSNBC and their parting of ways earlier this year. Also, enjoy a free download from the "20 Dumbest".


The Assault on Reason by Al Gore

The author appears to be at the brink, a rational man who has, like so many of us, been pulling his hair out for several years now in impotent rage over the avalanche of nonsense issuing from positions of power in this country.

Chris Barsanti

An Inconvenient Truth

Now that he's lost a presidential contest and done a couple of Saturday Night Lives, it appears Mr. Ex-veep is on a roll.


Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election (2003)

Under these conditions, the film suggests, another Florida is not only likely, but probable.

Jennifer D. Wesley

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