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The Duhks: Beyond the Blue

An excellent, if dull, reinforcement of their material for their usual fanbase.


Genticorum: Enregistré Live

The flute seems more poignantly important with a crowd in front of it.


Wake Owl: Wild Country EP

A fantastic folk-pop record with its biggest fault being it’s only five songs.


Two Hours Traffic: Foolish Blood

Theirs is jangly guitar rock dressed in the lustre and sparkle of a pastel era. In some ways it's a more authentic and less deliberate stab at the same territory that Weezer rocked.


The Tea Party: Live in Australia

This is a remarkable retelling of the Tea Party’s story from the early days to their later hits with an energy that suggests it was recorded from a time machine.


Deadbeat: Eight

Like its film industry, Canada’s contribution to the electronic music scene is understated despite the quality. But if you go mining, you’ll find diamonds.


Sagapool: Sagapool

French cafe but not, Balkan but not, jazz but not, fast but not, slow but not, accordion, yes, piano, yes, atmospheric, yes.

Deanne Sole

Plants and Animals: The End of That

The End of That may talk much about what's been left behind, but it's more about transition than anything, and it draws us into its strange limbo.


Delhi 2 Dublin : Planet Electric

The band's own personal bhangra-variant, with Irish fiddling.

Deanne Sole

Old Man Luedecke: My Hands Are on Fire and Other Love Songs

Luedecke is a masterful songwriter with an ability to convey experience way beyond his years. On these 11 songs his voice and banjo combine beautifully with the other instruments and harmony vocals.


Le Vent du Nord: La Part du Feu

Nothing asks to be added or taken away: there it is.


Musk Ox: Musk Ox

Musk Ox asks for a contemplative listener.


Woelv: Tout Seul dans la Forêt en Plein Jour

Tout Seul is an album that had the potential to be pretentious. That it avoids pretension and seems instead intelligent, exploratory, and heartfelt, is a tribute to the musician.

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