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15 Landmark Dance Tracks of 1991

Here are 15 pivotal tracks from 1991 when dance music's potential to amaze seemed boundless.


The Best Dance Tracks of 2019

From French-Canadian electronic producer Marie Davidson's riotously scathing critique of modern capitalism to Dolly Parton's chart-topping foray into the world of EDM, here is a list of some of the year's best dance tracks.


No Fear No More: An Interview with Madeon

Madeon shot to fame as a teenager as a new dance music hero, then withdrew from the world as he battled with his emotions. Now, with his thoughtful sophomore album, Madeon is back with an evolved sound and a new outlook, ready to connect with people like never before.

Evan Sawdey

How a Foot Injury Led to Sofi Tukker's Latest EP

A cancelled tour carved out a whole bunch of time for electronic duo Sofi Tukker to make their new EP Dancing on the People. Here's why a broken foot might have been a blessing in disguise.


'Ascend' Is Illenium's Most Emo Album Yet

On his third album, Ascend, EDM's Illenium heads for the big time with his integrity pretty much intact.


Australian DJ Brooke Evers Serves Up Another Dancefloor Shaker with "Feel It" (premiere)

"Feel It" is a full-on EDM banger that highlights DJ Brooke Evers' tacit understanding of how to wring every last bit of perspiration from a frenzied club crowd.


Jai Wolf's 'The Cure to Loneliness' Is Missing That Something Special

With his long-awaited debut, The Cure to Loneliness, Jai Wolf pleases listeners without ever leaving much to remember.


French DJ and Producer Mathieu Koss Teams Up with Aloe Blacc on "Never Growing Up" (premiere)

Mathieu Koss and Aloe Blacc's uptempo pop-house track "Never Growing Up" sweeps you up in its boundless enthusiasm for life and all its possibilities.


Deepend Teams Up with Hanne Mjøen on New Dance Single, "One Thing Left to Do" (premiere)

Dutch DJ Deepend and Hanne Mjøen pull off a classic club tune with a pumping pop heart in "One Thing Left to Do" that should light up dancefloors throughout 2019.


Swiss DJ Gil Glaze Fires Off Another Surefire Summer Anthem with "Young Forever" (premiere)

Swiss DJ and producer Gil Glaze turns his attention to burning up the airwaves on his new crossover single "Young Forever" featuring the vocal talents of Annabel Turner.


Sleepy Tom Adds Some Pop Gloss to His Dance Sound on "Amateurs" (premiere + interview)

Sleepy Tom's "Amateurs" features Lights on vocals and it's a kaleidoscopic dance party anthem with a pumping pop heart that quickly overcomes the senses.


What Are the Chainsmokers Selling with 'Sick Boy'?

We're so used to thinking of the Chainsmokers as a con that it's hard to say if their sadness is real or something they're selling.


The 12 Best Dance Tracks of 2018

From the raw, dance-punk rush of ADULT. to the stadium-sized anthems of Rüfüs du Sol, here are some of the endlessly addictive dance tracks of the year.


Hotel Garuda Shares New Single "One Reason" (premiere)

Hotel Garuda's "One Reason" is a surging, feel-good dance track that'll coax clubbers onto the dancefloor for years to come.


Michal Menert and the Pretty Fantastics Groove from the Depths on "From the Sea" (premiere)

Electrofunk ensemble Michal Menert and the Pretty Fantastics quickly tap into a deep groove that emerges like a turbulent riptide swelling just below the surface of the sea.


Irmin Schmidt Tells His Story of Can

If All Gates Open isn't the full picture of Irmin Schmidt and Can, then the real McCoy must give one a hernia.


Sold Out Brooklyn Steel Ravenous for Sofi Tukker's Untamed Electronica

Hometown duo Sofi Tukker held sway over a wild audience in New York City as their Treehouse World tour gets underway.


Perversion. Purity. Pop. An Interview with Post-Electropop Producer LLLL

Frustrated with Japan's profit-driven music scene, Kazuto Okawa began making music that rejected Tokyo's parochial consumer culture and moved as far away from J-pop as possible, creating his own sound.


Going High: An Interview with Peyton

Peyton talks about how his new album, Sinners Got Soul Too, both fuses and transcends elements of his diverse musical background, from Southern gospel to Ibiza House.


The Best Dance Tracks of 2017

From the "shamanic techno" of Parisian duo Pouvoir Magique to Stockholm Noir's brilliant string of darkly foreboding, electro-licked singles, here are ten selections that represent some of the more intriguing dance offerings of 2017.


The Hard Workers - "Ayoba Yo" (audio) (premiere)

In this exclusive interview with DJ Okapi, he takes us through the development of the unique variety of South African EDM from the late 1980s.


E pluribus, PLUR. Electric Zoo 2017 Embodies Festival Diversity (Photos)

Electric Zoo: The 6th Boro wrapped up with great atmosphere, lots of mud, and colorful characters.


Goldie: The Journey Man

Goldie returns after a near decade absence with the lengthy double-album The Journey Man.


Blanck Mass: World Eater

Blanck Mass' World Eater is a humongous, terrifying slab of electronic noise and a party record for the apocalypse.


Machinedrum: Human Energy (take 2)

Will EDM be destined to the disco burn pile? Probably, but, standing near the flames in 2025, you might take your copy of Human Energy, slip it into your pocket, and watch the rest burn.


Eric Prydz: Opus

He may be best known for "Call on Me" and his Pink Floyd remix, but left-of-center DJ Eric Prydz will be remembered because of his truly astounding Opus.


Lemaitre: 1749 EP

1749 EP finds Lemaitre approaching the top of their pop-slinging game


Atlanta Inaugurates This Year’s Mad Decent Block Party With a Very Small Bang

The EDM and hip-hop festival is touring the US and Canada through September with a changing lineup of acts. While the festival may not excel musically, it has something for almost anyone within the expanding EDM culture.


Mad Decent Block Party '15 is Almost Upon Us

Mad Decent's annual EDM/hip-hop festival will hit 18 cities in North America during August and September.


Alesso: Forever

Alesso assists the EDM/radio pop crossover with a melodramatic and aimless debut album.


Charting the Universal Evolution of Pop Music With 'The Underground is Massive'

From rags to riches, the ghetto to the festival grounds, the story of electronic music is the story of modern art in America: vibrant, fruitful and progressive -- until it becomes a commodity.


Let the Music Move You: A Conversation with Eden's Félix de Givry and Sven Hansen-Løve

Mia Hansen-Løve's Eden is a love letter to modern dance music (with a Daft Punk subplot), but its star and co-writer discuss its surprisingly realistic origins.


Jutty Ranx - 'Discordia' (album stream) (premiere)

Jutty Ranx's modern, international take on electronic, soul, and dance on their new LP Discordia is certain to appeal to fans of Daft Punk and Chromeo.


Daktyl: Cyclical

English DJ Daktyl's first album of originals suffers from a lack of conviction, but shines in short bursts.


Capsule: Waverunner

Waverunner provides a definitive answer to the question "what would it sound like if a veteran Japanese pop producer made an EDM album?"

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