'Young Jane Young' and the Monicas, the Hillarys, and Other Women Impacted by Sex Scandals

It's a testament to Zevin's understanding of multiple age groups that she's able to capture a variety of women at various life stages. Her portrayals feel honest and true.


Could YouTube Help Bernie Sanders -- and Hurt Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton may be the Democratic establishment's favorite, but on the Internet, social media users are feelin' the Bern.


The Power of Now

There’s an old saying that “patience is a virtue.” Not anymore.


Oprah May Say Goodbye, But I Say Hello

Not since the Beatles broke up has there been such a communal feeling of abandonment as there is with Oprah's final airing of The Oprah Winfrey Show.


Sister Christian: An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton's Disenchanted Supporters

Obama has, with his résumé, his upbeat tone, and even his nondescript "even Steven" haircut, positioned himself as the metaphorical love child of Al Gore and Will Smith -- the perfect brew of debonair and nerdy that is the only formula possible for a black man trying to win the US Presidency.

David Swerdlick

Thirty Ways of Looking at Hillary by Susan Morrison [editor]

You may desire 30 views on Clinton, but what you get instead are 30 accomplished writers, most from the East Coast, who are primarily obsessed with Clinton's appearance.

Howard Cohen


Feed is adventurous and playful, and if nothing else, provides nostalgia for a time in politics scarcely different than our own.

Marc Calderaro

Democrats face off in union-led debate

John McCormick and Stephen Franklin

Bloggers grill Democrats about influential lobbyists

John McCormick and Rick Pearson

Obama holds slight financial advantage

Mike Dorning and John McCormick
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The Golden Rule #3

Musings on the Ethics of Contemporary Journalism


Clinton joins effort to revoke war authorization

Ron Hutcheson and Renee Schoof

Clinton has most money on hand for primary, general elections

Ben Lesser and Michael McAuliff
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Boys on the Bus #2

Hillary Clinton’s $36 Million Dollar Magic Trick

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