The Moving Pixels Podcast 'Reigns'

Reigns reduces politics to a left or right swipe.


Font Can Be Insulting

You Must Build a Boat tries so hard to be nice to players that it comes off as pandering. It is obsessed with coddling my delicate ego.


Moving Pixels Podcast: Learning to Survive in the 'Fallout Shelter'

This week we chat Fallout Shelter and its commitment to collectivist concern. The needs of the many, after all, outweigh the needs of the few.


Ads Can Be Fun in Mobile Gaming

Skiing Yeti Mountain proves that it's not what you advertise, but how you advertise it.


Censorship Is Not a Puzzle I Can Solve

In this case, cheating isn’t just an admission of defeat to the game, it’s an admission of defeat for the characters as well. And I can’t bring myself to make them lose.


The Platformer as Typography Teacher

You’re not just interacting with a particular font, but everything that contributed to the history of that font as well.


'Badland' and the Importance of Luck

By its nature, luck should be inconsistent, but Badland, an iOS puzzler, can evoke the feeling with easy regularity.


Moving Pixels Podcast: Exploring the Rituals and Riddles of 'Year Walk'

While Device 6 is a game about exploring textuality. Simogo's other game of exploration, Year Walk, explores the ritual and folklore of an equally unusual but seemingly more mundane landscape.


Progress Is Power in 'A Dark Room'

We often don't notice in games how the world must be sacrificed for our progress.


Talking With David: Radical's Visionary Chief Marketing Officer

How does Radical enter the digital economy in a groundbreaking way that both redefines the entertainment industry and yet remains true to core values of support for creativity and precision of user-driven environments?

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