Photo: Matt Herrebout

Dreadnought – “Odyssey” (audio) (premiere)

Classic UK prog and modern US black metal coalesce beautifully on the Denver band's epic new track, "Odyssey".

Dreadnought is so immersed in the ’70s progressive rock and folk that when you hear their hushed, acoustic passages you immediately assume they’re from England. Then the black metal kicks in, and you don’t know what to think. It turns out the band is from Denver, and they’ve done a wondrous job combining classic prog and extreme metal on their forthcoming new album Bridging Realms. Led by the sumptuous dual lead vocals of Kelly Schilling and Lauren Vieira (who also play flute and keyboards respectively), Dreadnought showcase all sides of their eclectic sound on the gorgeous 14-minute composition “Odyssey”, which we’re very pleased to premiere here at PopMatters. It’s like a collision between Comus and Agalloch, and is not to be missed.

“‘Odyssey’ is a traveler’s stream of consciousness as they journey through the vacuum of a black hole, which first disorients and then disintegrates their material being,” bassist Kevin Handlon says. “We give audience to their new material anti-structure and the fate that awaits them in the black hole’s singularity.”

Bridging Realms will be released 11 August, and can be pre-ordered here.