All Smiles: Ten Readings of a Warning

All Smiles
Ten Readings of a Warning

Something about this album appeals to the temporary vegan in me — the temporary vegan who packs up her Kate Spade luggage and skips out to the Rhode Island coast to spend a cool New England summer solo. Jim Fairchild was the guy with the acoustic guitar in Grandaddy, back when there was a Grandaddy. This is his solo affair — albeit with guest appearances — and it is remnant of summer anthems and dancing bears also brought to us by the aforementioned band. Be sure to pack “Moth in a Cloud of Smoke” and “The Velvetest Balloon” for this sort of sunny but melancholy vacation, and especially keep “Pile of Burning Leaves” nearby to accompany your lonely late night cups of chai.

RATING 6 / 10