Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile - "Continental Breakfast" (Singles Going Steady)

If you don’t find this video endearing, you probably don’t have a soul.

Tristan Kneschke: At one point in “Continental Breakfast”, Courtney holds up a video of “Kurt and Courtney”, the chronicling of the relationship of lead singers Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, two of rock’s greatest misfits. The synergy between Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett is less fraught; it’s downright amicable. It’s not difficult to fall in love with both songwriters as they bounce around their domestic lives, interacting with babies, children, and elders alike, with smiles the whole way through. If you don’t find this video endearing, you probably don’t have a soul. [8/10]

Adriane Pontecorvo: Two extraordinarily talents serve up surrealist comfort food with “Continental Breakfast”, where down-home acoustic sounds soften borderline-rambling lyrics. It all tumbles together into a cozy pile of folk music, and while the music doesn’t go far, it makes for a nice track to curl up with on a cool autumn night. [7/10]

John Garratt: This lost me at "I cherish my intercontinental friendships." Prior to that, I was treated to 60 seconds of witty whimsy overload. [3/10]

Steve Horowitz: This song emits strong good vibes. It's silly and goofy and happy in a good way. Their voices are brighter than emoji smiles. Their guitar picking richer than chocolate cake. One may be anywhere in the world, but thinking about those you love just makes the Earth seem a better place. That and having breakfast! Vile and Barnett collaborate well. Their mutual respect for each other's person as well as their music endows this track with a kind of unexpected grace that comes from a shared love of the musical process and the magic that can result. [9/10]

William Nesbitt: Sounds pretentious. Call it charming and pleasant if you prefer. The video would be cute if I actually knew these people as family or friends, but I don’t. Courtney’s voice is pretty good, Kurt not so much. No. [4/10]

SCORE: 6.20

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