Driving Slow Motion Delivers Weighty Post-Rock With "Of the Sea" (premiere)

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Texas post-rock collective Driving Slow Motion offer a taste of their inspired debut album, Arda, with the new track "Of the Sea".

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Driving Slow Motion will issue their debut full-length album, Arda, on 7 June. In anticipation, the group has issued a new video for the song "Of the Sea", a slow-building, melodically-fascinating bit of heavy post-rock that demands repeated listens. Throughout, the collective avoids genre clichés, giving us a glimpse of how Driving Slow Motion will expand the beloved brand of rock.

The band says, "The song was written over a period of 24 hours at the end of our pre-production process for Arda. Our guitarist, Bryan, came up with the idea for the song one night while tweaking different settings on his pedalboard, and realized that this combination reminded him of the sound of a secluded shoreline. From there, writing 'Of the Sea' cascaded into this sonic journey of venturing further out into deeper waters, and the realization of how small we are compared to the vastness and power of the sea."

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