Photo: Amanda Elmore / Action PR

Galactic Protector Takes Listeners For a Walk in the “Liseran Sand” (premiere)

Bassist with the Sword, Bryan Richie steps out with his new solo project Galactic Protector in which he upsets expectations on "Liseran Sand".

Galactic Protector is the new solo project from the Sword bassist Bryan Richie. Evening, the debut album, arrives 28 June via Burning Witches Records. In anticipation of that release, Richie has offered a video for “Liseran Sand”. The song is a perfect blend of classic, ’70s synthesizer music with thoroughly contemporary, maybe even futuristic sensibilities that will leave listeners feeling meditative and satisfied long after its final notes have sounded.

Richie says, “The track features ‘Boys of Summer’ percussive patterns mixed with a double dose of Demarco chill. Synthesized leads swept with a low frequency oscillator coalesce with sea sick guitars to blast off on a mission to grind the rings of Saturn. I put down my towel on an apocalyptic beach when writing this track, trying to pull in the atmosphere of a dystopian landscape where the sand is purple. Hence the name: ‘Liseran Sand’.”