Jerry Castle - "She Kills" (video) (premiere)

Nashville singer-songwriter Jerry Castle has taken a novel route to mental enhancement as a means of sparking creativity. He's not talking about cannabis, but rather sensory deprivation tanks, which have afforded him the opportunity to feel like he's floating in space. Castle says, "there really is nothing like it. When I go into the tank, it takes me to another area. It definitely has opened me up as a songwriter. Music and lyrics come to me quicker. I can remember ideas longer and my music sounds pretty different." Trippy. Castle really knows how to pen empathetic songs full of emotion like "She Kills", which drops the male gaze in looking at his female subject and focuses on carefully relating to and telling her story. The music itself, gentle but fully laden with textures, carries off a feeling of floating just like those sensory deprivation tanks.

Castle says, "The character is 'She Kills' never really fit in with a particular peer group. She spent most of her teenage years struggling with body image and low self-esteem issues. She dealt with this by disconnecting from her emotions, totally and completely. Over time, this led to her losing the ability to connect with other people on any sort of authentic or genuine level. Now in her 20s, she has fallen into this pattern of placing herself in these colossally dangerous situations in an attempt to feel something. In the video we tried to capture the fact that though she’s not necessarily sad, she’s also never happy, never excited and never scared. The universe is exploding before her very eyes and she just keeps going in the same circle that she has always gone."

"She Kills" appears on Jerry Castle's new album, Not So Soft Landing....

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