Legend - "Children of Elements" (audio) (premiere)

Icelandic duo preps sophomore release, offers intense, memorable song that may or may not be about the end of us all.

Despite its strong melodic sensibilities, “Children of Elements,” the final cut from Legend’s second album, is, at six minutes, too long to be a typical pop tune. With a vocal performance that sometimes calls to mind a darker, more mysterious Simon LeBon (had he been kept caged in Robert Smith’s basement for six months), it’s easy to imagine that the piece could ruffle some feathers within the heavy music world too. That alone makes it all the more necessary and all the more enticing.

Based in Reykjavik, Iceland, Legend consists of Krummi Bjorgvinsson (Minus, Esja) and Halldor "Dori" Bjornsson (Solstafir) plus live performing members Frosti Jon Runolfsson and Bjarni Sigurðarson (Minus). Formed in 2010 the collective issued its debut in 2012 via the Canadian-based Artoffact imprint and soon gained high praise from a variety of corners. With a split 7” with Solstafir also behind them, Bjorgvinsson and Bjornsson retired to the studio create Midnight Champion, an LP destined to best its predecessor, as evidenced on this track.

Bjorgvinsson has challenged listeners to embrace the song and find their own meaning within its multi-layered lyrics, saying, “Maybe the song is about a cult, or maybe it is about us being the elements that can either save or destroy the planet. You tell me!”

Legend’s Midnight Champion arrives in digital platforms and elsewhere on 13 October on the aforementioned Artoffact label. Learn more about the album here.

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