Michot's Melody Makers Issue First Video From Debut LP With "La Lune Est Croche" (premiere)

Photo: Zack Smith / Courtesy of Howlin' Wuelf Media

The Lost Bayou Ramblers offshoot Michot's Melody Makers pick up steam with a video for "La Lune Est Croche".

"La Lune Est Croche" is the first video from the debut album by Michot's Melody Makers, the trio led by Louis Michot (vocalist and fiddler with Lost Bayou Ramblers). The LP, Blood Moon, has been out since September but arrives on 12" vinyl via Sinking City Records on 9 November.

Though the group's repertoire is based on Louisiana-French fiddle tunes, including those which reach back to pre-accordion Creole-Celtic-Afro-French material, the music is decidedly contemporary, including flashes of hip-hop, rhythm and blues, and more in combinations that are wildly imaginative and impossible to ignore. "La Lune Est Croche" excites our need for the brave and the new as much as it scratches our collective itch for the authentic, traditional.

With a lineup that has remained fluid over time, the group presently consists of Michot, Bryan Webre (also of the Lost Bayou Ramblers) on bass and drum pad, Kirkland Middleton on drums and drum pad as well as Mark Bingham on guitar.

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