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Director Bill Blackhurst Explores Adolescent Life in Post-industrial Britain in His Film, 'Pond Life'

Blackhurst reflects on letting go as director, letting the story just happen, and drawing out the darker side of adolescence in his film, Pond Life.


Sundance 2018: ‘Summer of ‘84’ + ‘Eighth Grade’

Hell is definitely for children and these two films have the proof!


Boxed in by Fate: 'The Tribes of Palos Verdes'

Rejecting regulations but immersed in movie metaphors, the central characters find their own forms of chaos, reframing it as a kind of freedom.


There Is No Coming of Age in 'Oxenfree'

Oxenfree argues that age doesn’t necessarily bring wisdom and that growing older doesn’t necessarily make us more mature.


Is 'Cambridge' Real or Imagined?

This a hilarious and confusing journey through filial, cultural and international group dynamics.


To Be Young Again: Maturity and Adolescence in Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom'

Was love purer for us when we were 13? Probably not, but it sure is nice to remember it that way.

Matt Grant

The Stigma of Synth: My Secret Life with Depeche Mode

With no girls to flirt with or ask out, how was an all-male prep school boy going to step outside the shadow of his favorite leather-bearing, lipstick-wearing band and establish his heterosexuality? Easy. Take his fandom into the closet and deny, deny, deny.

Aaron Gilbreath

A Boy's Own Story by Edmund White

The narrator's voice -- by turns lyrical and brutal, expansive and introspective -- is White's greatest triumph, elevating what could have been a cliché into a fascinating study of sexual reckoning.

Kevin Shaw

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