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Gender Not Found in 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'

Animal Crossing: New Horizons suggests that player-NPC interactions can be the same regardless of gender. One can confidently earn the same friendship of an animal villager as male, female, nonbinary, genderqueer, or gender-nonconforming.


Sodomy and the Prison of Multiplayer Gaming

Competitive gaming is about power, hierarchy, leader boards, and all the ways of establishing a pecking order among players. Owning someone is the goal in online gaming. It's about making someone your bitch.


Moving Pixels Podcast: 'Borderlands 2,' Like 'Borderlands' But '2'

Gearbox hasn't reinvented the wheel with Borderlands 2, but they have managed to improve the wheel in just about every way.


'Journey' and Seeing the Best in My Fellow Gamer

Journey offers a glimpse at a kinder, more optimistic side of random matchmaking.


My Reconciliation with 'Uncharted'

The Uncharted series is renowned for its single-player experience, but the real treasure can be found elsewhere.



Shadowrun feels like a briefly entertaining speed bump on the road to Halo 3.

Ryan Smith

Mario Party 8

One of the key features of Mario Party 8 is that the game is an elaborate exercise in Marxist game play.

L.B. Jeffries

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