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J. Geils: 1946-2017

Hard Drivin’ Man: J. Geils brought blues, jazz, soul -- and his name -- to one of rock’s great bands


Cool Hand Paul Newman

An actor for the ages; whose Luke was a model for the ensnared individual, struggling to survive in the smothering organizational order enveloping us.

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Pulitzer-winning cartoonist, killed in car crash

Peter St. Onge and Jeri Krentz [McClatchy Newspapers (MCT)]
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David Halberstam: Full of sound, fury and brilliance

Julia Keller [Chicago Tribune (MCT)]

Crossed Swords: Richard Fleischer (1916-2006)

Richard Fleischer was one of many essential cogs in the film industry's dream factory' necessary, but barely acknowledged.

Bill Gibron

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