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Hip-Hop's Raashan Ahmad Talks About His Place in 'The Sun'

On his latest work,The Sun, rapper Raashan Ahmad brings his irrepressible charisma to this set of Afrobeat-influenced hip-hop.


Marc His Words: Brian "Sene" Marc on 'Hoodrat: Stuff With My Friends'

Hoodrat offers the warmer and gentler side to rapper Brian Marc's overall art, where the rhythms are bouncier and the grooves edge closer to electropop.


Auto-Mattic Transmission: Rapper Mattic Dispatches from the Left Field

The US-born rapper's at once expert and offhanded rhymes exude the kind of charm that has made Mattic a notable artist in his adopted home of France.


Locked and Loaded: Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud Discuss Their Classic 1988 Hip-Hop Debut

Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud's Girls I Got 'Em Locked exuded the right amount of urban flair, boyishly sly humour, and club appeal when it was released back in 1988.


Porter's Head: Rapper Porter Ray on His Latest Hip-Hop Opus, 'Eye of the Beholder'

Bridging disparate influences like Portishead and Das EFX in his multifarious hip-hop, Porter Ray waxes poetically about the troubles in own his life and in the world around him in this interview.


All Play and 'No Paperwork': An Interview with L.A.Z of Clear Soul Forces

"Natural born liberal consumer of music", Jarrel Lowman (aka L.A.Z), talks about his EP, No Paperwork, a mixture of hip-hop, smoking jazz, and calloused-fingered blues.


Sci-Fi Goes Hi-Fi: 10 Artists' Foray into Hip-Hop Futurism

A host of artists have carved out a niche in the interplanetary margins that now rest in hip-hop culture. Some call it an expansion on Afrofuturist philosophies; others simply a long-time propensity for the science-fiction genre.


Sareem Poems' Tuned-in Tone Poems

Hip-hop artist Sareem Poems (of LA Symphony and FKA Sharlok Poems) infuses his work with the metaphysic ideologies of Afro-spiritualism.


Deep Soul Diving: Jahshua Smith Deconstructs 'The 4th Wall'

Smith's music is balanced on a sagacious tip, where he examines the rigmaroles of daily life through the Afrocentric prism of dialogue and debate.


Dope Opera: Azeem Talks with PopMatters About His West Coast Hip-Hop Classic, 'Garage Opera'

In 1999, Azeem recorded his underground classic Garage Opera, hip-hop's equivalent of garage rock.


Coming in to Land: Pigeon John Inducts Hip-Hop Into the Twilight Zone

Hip-hop’s most loquacious jester forges ahead into a twilight zone of skewed and jacked up hip-hop.


Making a Sene: The Rise of Brian Marc

Brian Marc, AKA Sene, manages a minimal but heavy discipline of turntablist groove; his dream-washed music appropriates the rhythms of a casual stroll through city streets.


Turkish Rapper Ados Brings Us His Indie Aggro-hip-hop with “Kendin Hariç Her Şey"

Quasi-martial beats, druggy atmospheres, a subtle pop-hook and a brusque albeit tuneful delivery mark rapper Ados' strolling hip-hop groove.

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