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Ariana Grande 's 'Positions' Is Pure Pop Sugar

Ariana Grande's Positions is a perfect pop album in a very conservative sense of the term.


Mika Delivers Undeniably Catchy Hooks on 'My Name Is Michael Holbrook'

Mika's My Name Is Michael Holbrook contains some of his sharpest lyrical conceits and catchiest hooks, but is often undercut by its too-glossy production.


'Closer Than Together' Is Up and Down for the Avett Brothers

The good outweighs the not so good on the Avett Brothers' Closer Than Together, but not by a lot. Is it time for producer Rick Rubin to move on?


Kate Tempest Takes on the UK Establishment with 'The Book of Traps and Lessons' and Wins

The Book of Traps and Lessons reveals Kate Tempest's disdain with contemporary society while also envisioning a future where it all can be changed. With a flair for hip-hop laced with Marxism, the album is poetic artistry.


'Fever Dream' Is a Mixed Bag of Synthpop Zeal and Treasured Of Monsters and Men Trademarks

Of Monsters and Men lose some uniqueness and quality jumping on a more commercial bandwagon, but their beloved singularity is mostly intact on Fever Dream.


County Line Runner Evokes '80s Nostalgia on "Our Little World" (premiere)

British rock artist County Line Runner impresses with his latest gem, a post-punk, sure-fire hit song, "Our Little World".


Hold Your Own: An Interview with Kate Tempest

On any given day, you may see Kate Tempest working as a poet. Or maybe a playwright. Or a spoken-word artist with hip-hop connections. As she celebrates the release of her third album, she reflects on where her place is in Britain's powerful cultural moment.

Mick Jacobs

Blues Rockers Welshly Arms Preach the Gospel on "Down to the River" (premiere)

Cleveland's Welshly Arms blend soul and gospel with rock in a powerful mix on "Down to the River", a tune that will burn up the festival circuit this summer.


Kavinsky: Outrun

On Outrun, Kavinsky firmly defines himself as a musician capable of forming, and then effectively nailing, an overarching concept of artistic vision.

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