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Mastodon's 'Medium Rarities' Could've Used More Substance

Medium Rarities is the kind of album that will appeal mostly to longtime Mastodon fans.


Baroness Craft a New Benchmark of Creative Saturation with 'Gold & Grey'

Just about every listener—no matter their history or prior opinions—will deem Gold & Grey Baroness' masterpiece.


Faerie Ring Get Heavy, Psychedelic, and Fantastical With Debut LP, 'The Clearing' (album stream) (premiere)

Indiana fuzz merchants Faerie Ring take us back to the earliest sounds of underground heaviness while suggesting a brutal and bright future for this manner of sludge and spectacle.


Cable Give Listeners a Dose of "Black Medicine" (premiere)

Cable's new dark and groovy track, "Black Medicine", from their upcoming album features Tombs frontman Mike Hill on vocals.


MetalMatters: March 2019 – Beware the Ides of Metal

From Drastus' monumental second LP to Mystifier's righteous comeback, to Venom Prison's evolution towards death metal infamy, and enthralling debut full-lengths from Devil Master, VLTIMAS, Heaume Mortal, and more, March's MetalMatters highlights a bounty of subversive brilliance.


KEN mode Turn Back the Clock with 'Loved'

Canadian extreme hardcore act KEN mode makes a return to its proper, overwhelming form with their sardonically nihilistic new record, Loved.


Destroy Or Be Destroyed: Alice in Chains Confronts Ghosts, Past on 'Rainier Fog'

Frontman William DuVall discusses Alice in Chains' sessions for its first album tracked in Seattle in over 20 years and the emotional and psychological impact of recording on the group's home turf.

Jedd Beaudoin

Alice in Chains Revive Their Classic Sound Again on 'Rainier Fog'

The main issue with Alice in Chains' Rainier Fog is that the band never climbs from the bottom to the top of that mountain to give us all of their range. Still, a solid effort.


Yob Highlight Their Conceptual Vision on 'Our Raw Heart'

To characterize Our Raw Heart as consistent is not to damn the record with faint praise as Yob's music is as powerful and beautiful as ever.


Agrimonia Offer the Strongest Chapter in Their Post-Metal Vision with 'Awaken'

Returning five years after their strong Southern Lord debut, Rites of Separation, Agrimonia introduce the strongest chapter in their heavy post-metal vision.


Pepper Keenan Returns to Corrosion of Conformity for 'No Cross No Crown'

Corrosion of Conformity have written a new record that harks back to their golden Deliverance and Wiseblood days, with the added doom-laden lurches of Keenan's last LP with the band, 2005's In the Arms of God.


YLVA - 'META' (album stream) (premiere)

Sludge metal has rarely sounded a visceral and delightfully disorienting as it does coming through the hands of YLVA.


From Recession to Progression: An Interview with Process of Guilt

Process of Guilt's dogged DIY survival during harsh economic times in a country not particularly well-known on a global level for its metal is proof that if you continue to stubbornly follow your passion good things can happen.


Bell Witch: Mirror Reaper

Bell Witch moves the listener with a deathly journey that is often poetic and at times philosophically rich.


Mastodon: Cold Dark Place EP

This EP is essential listening for any Mastodon fans who've followed the band into the 2010's without an excess of griping about what the band used to be.


Low Flying Hawks - "Space Wizard" (video) (premiere) (interview)

Mysterious, Krautrock-influenced sludge merchants team up with acclaimed Mexican film director, members of Melvins for new video.


Demon Eye: Tempora Infernalia

The North Carolina outfit unleashes a furious, heavy record, but don't let that fool you into thinking this is a one-trick pony.


The Body and Thou: You, Whom I Have Always Hated

A very, very rare effort, You, Whom I Have Always Hated, is as close to perfect an album as Thou and The Body have ever put out and nearly as perfect an album to emerge in years.


Weedeater: ...And Justice for Y'all

Thirteen years on this seemingly-derivative piece of sludge metal differentiates itself from less interesting acts with one thing: pure sonic filth.


Kongh: Sole Creation

If album number three from Kongh doesn't bring increased attention, nothing will. Sole Creation is an absolute colossus.


New Zealand Metal 101: Filth, Squalor and Noise from the Antipodes

New Zealand has some very pretty scenery, but don't let that fool you, the nation is replete with filth and squalor. In this month's Ragnarök we look at the best of that corruption, with New Zealand Metal 101.


Where the Thunderclouds Are Rolling: Baroness, Sludge, and Southern Rebellion

Every region fosters rebellious music and, in the South, that music is sludge metal. With its unwavering sense of place, Baroness gives voice to the gospel of sludge.

Beth Winegarner

Mares of Thrace: Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage, the magnificent sophomore release from Alberta, Canada's doom/noise duo Mares of Thrace is an album of few ingredients. However, the resulting mixture is rich and full-bodied.


Beneath Oblivion: From Man to Dust

Beneath Oblivion's funereal dirges might test the patience of featherweight metal fans, but hang on in, there are ample rewards to be found.

Craig Hayes

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