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Jordan Peele's 'Us', Postmodernism, and Free-Floating Racism

Before terrifying us, Peele overwhelms with cultural signifiers untethered from their referents in his latest, Us.


'Mortal Engines' Grinds Down the Post-apocalyptic Genre

Christian Rivers' directorial debut, Mortal Engines, is that lump of coal in your holiday movie stocking.


'The Incredible Hulk' Is the Black Sheep of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Studios' goal with The Incredible Hulk was to rehabilitate the Hulk in the minds of moviegoers after a disappointing 2003 film, and also reimagine him as a more heroic character that would fit within the larger universe it was crafting.


'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' Is the Best of the Franchise, at Least

J.A. Bayona delivers one of the best Hollywood directorial efforts of 2018 in this genre, reviving this flailing franchise with guilty pleasures and a genuine sense of dread.


Relationships are Hard and Things get Mixed Up -- It's Complicated

Battling bias can be hard, but It's Complicated lacks the basic quality material to make the proper case.

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