Trevor Hall - "What I Know" (audio) (premiere)

When we let go of the answers and the analysis, joy can find its way through. So says Trevor Hall via this brand-new song.

“What I Know” is the latest cut from Trevor Hall, featured on his new release The Fruitful Darkness Pt.1. The track is disarming in its quiet approach, spiritually informed lyrics and deceptively simple structure. With shimmering guitar figures, jazz and island inspired rhythms, the tune takes us to unexpected emotional heights in its earliest moments, then higher from there.

That seems fitting for a man who dedicated his life to music in the wee hours of his teens, studied classical guitar and has an ongoing passion for Eastern Mysticism. The confluence of those interests reveals themselves in unexpected ways across “What I Know.” Those mysteries aren’t exactly accidental.

“This song is about surrendering to what is”, he says. “Ever since I was young, I was always trying to figure things out and answer the big questions. I feel like that is the influence of Western society: We’re always attempting to measure and explain. It sometimes drives me completely bonkers! ‘What I Know’ is about laying it all down and living in joy.”

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