The Black Keys: New Single, Album, and Video Collection

If the new single, "Lonely Boy", is any indicator of what to expect from the Black Keys' upcoming album El Camino, then you'd better be ready to add another disc to your rotation on December 6. And no, it's not only because of the awesomely absurd video (below) they've put together for it (by "put together" I mean "pressed play"), which by itself is a feat of viral video genius.

"Lonely Boy" is perfectly Black Keys -- a grungy, anthemic rock tune with hints of blues, psychedelia, and pop that is destined to be named one of the most memorable songs of the year. Granted, it's cutting it close to the end of this year, but it would be a fault to leave this one off the Top lists of '11 -- if not for the music, then certainly for the video.

As their singles go, it's comforting to know that they aren't crossing too far over the line of pop to be considered last month's flavor of the week, but instead continue to write songs in the style that is most comfortable to them, and most desired by their fans.

The release of El Camino marks the Keys' 7th studio recording. Due on December 6, it was produced at the Easy Eye Sound Studio of guitarist Dan Auerbach, and produced by both The Black Keys and Danger Mouse. In addition, the Keys have also released a collection of their six, count 'em, six music videos, available on iTunes.

Now, if you haven't already, please put on your headphones and enjoy the 3:14 video that is "Lonely Boy".

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