Sonnymoon Transcends Boundaries (videos)

Sonnymoon defy easy listening and categorgisation: they understand that pigeon holes are for pigeons. They’re not interested in finding a nesting space, but transcending boundaries. And listeners might be the ones ending up cooing. As the Guardian recently observed in anticipation of their new album (self titled):

Sonnymoon’s music is woozy, magical, mysterious, hypnotic, quixotic. Other words that occurred while we were listening to their self-titled album, released this autumn, included: squelchy, fantastic, phantasmic, plasmic, plastic, spasmic, orgasmic. It is liquid and loose, unconventional and unorthodox. It jerks and juts out at ridiculous angles, but it can also be smooth and easy on the ear. At various points it will seem as though you are listening to an electronica record, at other times to an R&B one, a jazz one, an avant-garde one, even a pop one. Some of the songs will sound like all of the above, at once, while others will make you wonder whether you are listening to a brand new, as yet unnamed genre.

Since no single track can do them justice, we’ve decided to provide an overview.