Various Artists: Six Degrees of Brazil 2 (album stream) (Premiere)

With 2014's World Cup being held in Brazil, Six Degrees Records has put together a stunning collection of Brazilian music. We premiere that as well as offer a free download of one of the tunes.

As the planet gears up for World Cup fever in 2014, all eyes will be on Brazil. Once again, Six Degrees Records will be focusing all ears on the amazingly deep and diverse musical legacy of that part of the world.


From its very earliest days, the San Francisco-based independent label has embraced the music of Brazil, helping to break such luminaries as Bebel Gilberto, Céu, BossaCucaNova and, most recently, Dom La Nena. Six Degrees' ongoing fascination with music that combines the traditions of countries around the planet with cutting-edge modern textures and electronic grooves is perhaps best exemplified by the rich variety of its Brazilian roster. Six Degrees of Brazil Volume 2 is a generous representation of those artists. From the modern samba and bossa nova stylings of BossaCucaNova (represented here with a brand-new version of their track, "Balanca", as remixed by label-mate Adam Popowitz, guitarist with the band Pacifika), to the more aggressive, amped up electro-Bahian grooves of Da Cruz, to the dreamy, electronic ambient sounds of Shrift (featuring vocalist Nina Miranda of Smoke City and Dalata), this new compilation spans a stylistic palette that is perhaps as diverse as the country that inspired it.

Of course, no Six Degrees Brazilian compilation would be complete without contributions from two of the most successful Brazilian artists to conquer America since the original bossa nova wave of the '60s: Bebel Gilberto and Céu. The former is represented here with a slinky, sexy Shrift remix of her club hit "Bring Back the Love", while the latter incorporates her love of hip-hop into one of her trademark tracks "Ave Cruz". In addition, Six Degrees' latest Brazilian phenomenon, Dom La Nena, kicks the compilation off in style with the Jeremy Sole and Atropolis trap-influenced remix of her track "Batuque". We even get a taste of the future, with a "sneak peak" track from the label's latest signing, young Brazilian star, Silva.

Six Degrees of Brazil Volume 2 shows that the world's enduring love affair with the sounds of Brazil is more than justified, and that Six Degrees Records remains committed to sharing this country’s continually fascinating music with the world.

We also have the pleasure of offering up a free download of BossaCucaNova's "Balança (Não Pode Parar!) (Adam Popowitz Mix)".

BossaCucaNova - Balança (Não Pode Parar!) (Adam Popowitz Mix) by SixDegreesRecords

Six Degrees of Brazil Volume 2 is available now on iTunes and your other favorite retailers.

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