Palma Violets Announce New Album + Tour Dates

The new LP from this British quartet, Danger in the Club, will be out on 5 May via Rough Trade.

The rambunctious indie rockers of the Palma Violets have announced the release of their new record, Danger in the Club, following a particularly eventful week at the 2015 South by Southwest music festival. After one spirited evening at the Parish venue, the band had to be forcibly removed from the stage for playing past the assigned curfew. For an audio sample of Palma Violets' take on rock 'n' roll, as well as tour dates where you can catch their energetic live show, read more below.

Watch the video for "Danger in the Club":

Palma Violets tour dates:

May 8-10 -- Atlanta, GA -- Shaky Knees Festival

May 10 -- Carrboro, NC -- Cat’s Cradle – Back Room

May 11 -- Washington, DC -- Rock & Roll Hotel

May 12 -- Philadelphia, PA -- Johnny Brenda’s

May 14 -- Ferndale, MI -- The Loving Touch

May 15 -- Toronto, ON -- The Garrison

May 16 -- Montreal, QC -- Petit Campus

May 18 -- New York, NY -- Bowery Ballroom

May 19 -- Allston, MA -- Great Scott

May 20 -- New York, NY -- Music Hall of Williamsburg

May 21 -- Pittsburgh, PA -- Brillobox

May 22 -- Columbus, OH -- The A&R Music Bar

May 23 -- Chicago, IL -- Lincoln Hall

May 25 -- Minneapolis, MN -- 7th Street Entry

May 26 -- Omaha, NE -- The Waiting Room

May 29 -- Denver, CO -- Larimer Lounge

May 30 -- Salt Lake City, UT -- Kilby Court

June 1 -- Seattle, WA -- Tractor Tavern

June 2 -- Portland, OR -- Doug Fir Lounge

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