Devereaux - "Bikini" (video) (premiere)

Normally a beach nuisance, seagulls bring some grace to this dreamy new video.

Just in time for the dog days of summer, musician W. Heyward Sims, AKA Devereaux, has released a video for his current single "Bikini", from the 2014 album Pineapple Flex. A sun-splashed chillwave-meets-Kraftwerk piece that evokes the dreamy, hot laziness of late July, the video itself is simple yet effective, nothing more than slow-motion footage of seagulls swooping on a beach. Normally in real life that'd be annoying as hell, but on video the movement of the birds comes across as languid and graceful, just like the hooky little track itself.

"With the video for 'Bikini', we really wanted to accentuate the sounds of the track while chasing that oft-sought-after 'comfortable yet turnt' aesthetic," he says. "It needed to be about transporting the viewer to that oozy magical level where you lose track of time. It’s not unlike watching 2001: A Space Odyssey. While watching, you completely forget where you live or what your name is, but you come out on the other end realizing who you really are."

Pineapple Flex is out now on Post-Echo.

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