Bart Budwig Tackles Life's Beautiful Impermanences Via "Four Leaf Clover" (premiere)

Photo: Matt Kennelly / Courtesy of Fluff and Gravy Records

Traversing the distance between Nick Drake and Muscle Shoals, Bart Budwig delivers a haunting vocal line on "Four Leaf Clover".

Bart Budwig returns with Another Burn on the AstroTurf on 24 January 2020 via Fluff and Gravy Records. The record finds the Idaho native in fine form, stirring up an amalgam of jazz, country, R&B and a little bit of laughter.

"Four Leaf Clover", the final single album from the album, features the Oregon duo the Hackles joining Budwig. Spotlighting his singular, woodsy voice and knack for impeccable phrasing, it's one of the album's most devastating and heartwarming/heartbreaking moments.

Recalls Budwig, "I wrote 'Four Leaf Clover' when I met a gal in front of a smoke shop in Moscow, Idaho. I was there at the smoke shop with my guitar trying to finish up writing the song 'The Captain & The Dreamer.' She was there to celebrate getting a job on the East Coast. Two weeks later, she was gone, and I decided to move to Enterprise, Oregon to start working at the OK Theatre."

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