Corb Lund Says "I Think You Oughta Try Whiskey" (premiere + interview)

"I Think You Oughta Try Whiskey" is Americana artist Corb Lund's latest single. "It's an old fashioned country couple-style duet with my friend Jaida Dreyer."


Old Crow Medicine Show Sing on Through Total Devastation

Social unrest, a global pandemic, and an industry that has forever been changed? No problem. Old Crow Medicine Show's Ketch Secor stares down the future.

Jedd Beaudoin

Anthony Garcia Paints a Cinematic Americana Landscape on "The Wind" (premiere)

Inspired by Townes Van Zandt and Bach, Texas' Anthony Garcia strikes a captivating line between Americana and classical on "The Wind".


Bob Dylan the European

For all his love of American vernacular music in its many forms, Bob Dylan has a deeply European sensibility.


Bob Dylan Says It All on 'Rough and Rowdy Ways'

Bob Dylan returns as prophet, historian, and joker on his latest album, Rough and Rowdy Ways, an unending puzzle with rich content.


Malian Legend Oumou Sangaré Glows in Stripped-down Arrangements on 'Acoustic'

On Acoustic, Oumou Sangaré's inner world shines through with particular clarity as the Songbird of Wassoulou performs stripped-down arrangements of some of the most powerful tracks she's recorded over the last 30 years.


Folk's Jeb Loy Nichols Says We Are in 'Season of Decline'

Jeb Loy Nichols finds humor in ambiguity, and real sadness in the joy of being in the current moment on his new EP, Season of Decline.


Blanco White Yearns for Home on Debut 'On the Other Side'

British singer-songwriter Blanco White's debut full-length On The Other Side seeks to translate Spanish and Latin influences into a dreamy pop sound, for better and for worse.


Malian Folk Group Al Bilali Soudan Is Shockingly Electric on 'Tombouctou'

On Tombouctou, Al Bilali Soudan are amplified. The electronic buzz of plugged-in tehardent no longer sounds like the repetition of background music. Now, it starts a fire, fully energized, and with every member at full volume.


Contrastography: Prince vs. Bob Dylan

Contrastography compares the histories of two famous entities to display some unusual coincidences. First up is Prince vs. Bob Dylan.


Bibio's 'Sleep on the Wing' Is a Sweet Piece of Folk Music

On Sleep on the Wing, Bibio continues his fascination with mid-20th century British folk music that listeners heard on last year's Ribbons.

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

I Went on a Jewel Bender During Quarantine. This Is My Report.

COVID-19 sure sucked the life out of things. I found some comfort in Jewel. That's right. Jewel.


Teddy Thompson Sings About Love on 'Heartbreaker Please'

Teddy Thompson's Heartbreaker Please raises one's spirits by accepting the end as a new beginning. He's re-joining the world and out looking for love.


Chouk Bwa and the Ångströmers Merge Haitian Folk and Electronic Music on 'Vodou Alé'

Haitian roots music meets innovative electronics on Chouk Bwa and the Ångströmers' Vodou Alé.


Sarah Jarosz Finds Inspiration in Her Texas Roots on 'World on the Ground'

By turning to her roots in central Texas for inspiration on World on the Ground, Sarah Jarosz has crafted some of her strongest songs yet.


Jess Williamson Reimagines the Occult As Source Power on 'Sorceress'

Folk singer-songwriter, Jess Williamson wants listeners to know magic is not found in tarot cards or mass-produced smudge sticks. Rather, transformative power is deeply personal, thereby locating Sorceress as an indelible conveyor of strength and wisdom.


Mark Olson and Ingunn Ringvold Celebrate New Album With Performance Video (premiere)

Mark Olson (The Jayhawks) and Ingunn Ringvold share a 20-minute performance video that highlights their new album, Magdalen Accepts the Invitation. "This was an opportunity to perform the new songs and pretend in a way that we were still going on tour because we had been so looking forward to that."


Reaching for the Sky: An Interview with Singer-Songwriter Bruce Sudano

How did Bruce Sudano become a superhero? PopMatters has the answer as Sudano celebrates the release of Spirals and reflects on his career from Brooklyn Dreams to Broadway.


Folk's Jason Wilber Examines the World Through a Futurist Lens in 'Time Traveler' (album stream)

John Prine's former guitarist and musical director, Jason Wilber steps out with a new album, Time Traveler, featuring irreverent, pensive, and worldly folk music.


Siren Songs' Merideth Kaye Clark and Jenn Grinels Debut As a Folk Duo (album stream + interview)

Best friends and longtime musical collaborators Merideth Kaye Clark and Jenn Grinels team up as Siren Songs for the uplifting folk of their eponymous LP.


Americana's Sarah Peacock Finds Beauty Beneath Surface With "Mojave" (premiere + interview)

Born from personal pain, "Mojave" is evidence of Sarah Peacock's perseverance and resilience. "When we go through some of the dry seasons in our life, when we do the most growing, is often when we're in pain. It's a reminder of how alive you really are", she says.


Jack Grelle's "To Be That Someone" Focuses on Love in the In-Between (premiere)

Folk artist Jack Grelle's "To Be That Someone" is a sweet, plaintive song that sets its sights on love—not in its grandest moments, but in the simple enjoyment of each other's company.


Jarrod Dickenson's Country-Soul Wows on 'Ready the Horses'

Jarrod Dickenson's rootsy, broad-ranged Americana draws deeply from tradition while forging all-new sounds on Ready the Horses.


Lesley Barth Stumps for Universal Healthcare in "You Gotta Hand It to the Man" (premiere)

Out today, folkie Lesley Barth's Big Time Baby features "You Gotta Hand It to the Man", whose music video highlights the realities that many Americans face between unemployment and private insurance.


Kari Rueslåtten's Sublime Voice Powers Sørgekåpe's Best Moments

Norwegian singer Kari Rueslåtten swings between darkly atmospheric folk and overproduced pop on her new album Sørgekåpe.


Ferdinand the Bull and the Accidentals Team for "Who's Got My Good Times?" (premiere)

Indie folk powerhouses Ferdinand the Bull and the Accidentals' Sav Buist and Katie Larson team up for a song about self-dedication and self-worth, "Who's Got My Good Times?"


Luke De-Sciscio's "Human Heart" Shows the Power of an Apology (premiere)

English folkie Luke De-Sciscio's "Human Heart" is met by a moving video featuring a multitude of fans expressing heartfelt apologies on handwritten signs.


Adeline Hotel's 'Solid Love' Is a Bracing Experience That Beams with Soothing Energy

Dan Knishkowy returns with Adeline Hotel and Solid Love, a new album full of folk-leaning songs that are both gentle and arresting.


Arab-American Songwriter Naima Shalhoub Sings of "Two (Rivers in the Desert)" (premiere)

Naima Shalhoub finds healing waters in her new video for the single "Two (Rivers in the Desert)".


Distant Cousins and Lindsey Ray Get Through the Thick of It in "Here and Now" (premiere)

Collaborating with Nashville's Lindsey Ray, Distant Cousins' folksy "Here and Now" is a timely tribute to the present and getting through tough times together.


Natalia Lafourcade Stages a Stirring Benefit to Rescue Mexico's Musical Heritage

Un Canto Por Mexico is a true labor of love. Natalia Lafourcade led with her heart and was elegantly guided by her refined musical intelligence.


Jake Blount Offers Folksy Grit to Old-Time Tune "Boll Weevil" (premiere)

Ahead of his new album, Spider Tales, Tui's Jake Blount presents a searing, fiddle-centric interpretation of the traditional roots song, "Boll Weevil".


Damien Jurado Learns From Emptiness on 'What's New, Tomboy?'

What's New, Tomboy? is special for how profoundly Damien Jurado acknowledges what might be learned from the emptiness in this life, as well as from being still and waiting to be filled.

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