The Delines Return with the Tale of "Holly the Hustle" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
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Americana duo the Delines will release a new album in January 2019. Their new single "Holly the Hustle" proves the wait is worth it.

"Holly the Hustle" is the new song from the Delines, the acclaimed project of novelist/musician Willie Vlautin (Richmond Fontaine) and Amy Boone (Damnations TX). The sophomore set from the Delines, The Imperial, arrives on 11 January 2019 and ends a prolonged period of silence.

The making of the record was complicated after Boone was struck by a car and broke both her legs. Work on The Imperial had already begun by that time and, according to Vlautin, the idea that it should reach completion was never far from her mind as she underwent rounds of treatment and rehabilitation for her injuries. With the project now complete, regular activity from The Delines will commence one more as fans of the group's first LP, Colfax, will have plenty to rejoice in via the new record.

"Holly The Hustle" is the story of an innocent girl who grows up to become a hustler. Her sad tale is told over the course of the track, which combines Boone's gritty style with soulful elements that wouldn't be out of place on either a Dusty Springfield or Van Morrison LP with touches of Rilo Kiley's final hours creeping in along the corners. Vlautin's own touches are unmistakable.

The acclaimed novelist (Drive-By Truckers' Patterson Hood is a regular champion of Vlautin's work) says this is of the song: "I think it's the real jewel of the record. My favorite track. For most of my life I've wanted to write 'Fancy,' my version of a hustler song. This is it. Amy's voice invites you in and takes you into the hard life of 'Holly The Hustle.'"

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