Eric Benoit's "Dragonflies" Foreshadows Uncomfortable Truths (premiere)

Photo: Steve Ashley

Eric Benoit fuses elements of dance, folk, and alternative styles in the experimental "Dragonflies", wherein the artist delves into some uncomfortable realities.

"When I was a child in the north New Jersey suburbs, circa 2003, I remember being terrified by the sight of two dragonflies mating," says Eric Benoit. "I've always hated insects, and here I had found two giant ones fused together in some sort of nightmarish flying catastrophe."

He continues, "I couldn't have realized at the time how it would foreshadow my own sexual experiences. There's passion in this song and sex, but not in the way you're probably accustomed to."

The NYC artist is delving into an immersive new sound on his sophomore album, Heartrender, set to be released on 26 January. Across its seven tracks, Benoit will captivate listeners with his blend of experimental dance, indie folk, and alternative styles. As is seen and heard with Heartrender's lead single, "Dragonfly", he also aims to unveil some uncomfortable truths on the record.

With a matter-of-fact dive into Benoit's views on sex, love, and the human body, the record won't be an album for the timid. It also relates to truth in all of us as he bluntly tells his story of a volatile relationship. In a way, it feels like an attempt for the artist to liberate himself as he comes to terms with sexual trauma. For all of the cinematic production and innate musical artistry present on "Dragonflies", the most captivating part of it all might well be how achingly, tangibly real it is—more-so than most would have courage or audacity to show in their art. For Benoit to have done so, it means that his art is true.

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