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RUI HO Creates Ecstatic Electropop on 'Lov3 & L1ght'

Heavenly sonic colors flow freely in RUI HO's artistic sanctuary, and the view from the audience is one of sheer euphoria.


The Degeneration of the Voice in Radiohead's 'Kid A'

For being one of the defining albums of its time, Radiohead's Kid A certainly doesn't have much to "say". The band's thoughts on losing one's voice in an increasingly individualistic society suddenly takes on a much greater potency.


Tolouse Low Trax's 'Jumping Dead Leafs' Is Coated in Dank Grooves

Detlef Weinrich's latest release as Tolouse Low Trax, Jumping Dead Leafs, is covered in such infectious, dank, thudding grooves that force the body to deal with them.


Jónsi Amps Up Experimentation on First Solo LP in 10 Years

Shiver is Jónsi but not as we know him. The Sigur Rós frontman teams with avant-garde electronic producer A. G. Cook to create a new sound and direction in the veteran experimentalist's career.


West London's WheelUP Merges Broken Beat and Hip-Hop on "Stay For Long" (premiere)

West London producer WheelUP reached across the pond to Brint Story to bring some rapid-fire American hip-hop to his broken beat revival on "Stay For Long".


PM Picks Playlist 2: Bamboo Smoke, LIA ICES, SOUNDQ

PopMatters Picks Playlist features the electropop of Bamboo Smoke, LIA ICES' stunning dream folk, Polish producer SOUNDQ, the indie pop of Pylon Heights, a timely message from Exit Kid, and Natalie McCool's latest alt-pop banger.


Colombia's Simón Mejía Plugs Into the Natural World on 'Mirla'

Bomba Estéreo founder Simón Mejía electrifies nature for a different kind of jungle music on his debut solo album, Mirla.


South Africa's Phelimuncasi Thrill with Their Gqom Beats on '2013-2019'

A new Phelimuncasi anthology from Nyege Nyege Tapes introduces listeners to gqom and the dancefloors of Durban, South Africa.


Sufjan Stevens' 'The Ascension' Is Mostly Captivating

Even though Sufjan Stevens' The Ascension is sometimes too formulaic or trivial to linger, it's still a very good, enjoyable effort.

Jordan Blum

Konqistador and HanHan Team for Darkwave Hip-Hop on "Visaya"

Detroit-based electronic/industrial outfit, Konqistador team with Toronto hip-hopper HanHan for "Visaya", a song that blends darkwave and rap into an incendiary combination.


Fave Five: Roosevelt

German synthpop wunderkid Roosevelt continues to tease out new singles from a potential third album, but this "Five Favorite Synth Sounds in a Song" is an electronic history lesson in and of itself.


Tricky's 'Fall to Pieces' Lacks the Risk-Taking of his Early Work

Tricky's Fall to Pieces gives the impression of an artist struggling to sustain his vision, leaning on his collaborators to make up for the lack of it. Like on the last two albums, Tricky sounds too restrained here.


Sam Prekop Discusses Summer Places and His Modes of Musical Creation

The Sea and Cake frontman Sam Prekop discusses process on his latest solo record, Comma, noting that its creation "has definitely changed my focus for the better and created new and interesting challenges -- and not have it feel like dopey electronic music".


Sam Prekop's Painterly Signature Looms Large on 'Comma'

Comma is Sam Prekop's fullest realization of his Brian Eno-like effort to toe the line between rock narratives and the avant-garde.


Brothertiger Discusses Finding Inspiration in the Strangest Places

A moody new record reflecting our times, an instrumental fundraiser for charity, and cycling escapes to Rockaway Beach. Brothertiger is back with his first new studio full-length in years, and he can't wait for us to share in his emotional journey.


Ambient Producer Joshua van Tassel Believes We Need More Beautiful Things

Joshua van Tassel plays a modern version of one of the earliest electronic instruments: the Ondes Martenot. He discusses the calm, beautiful album he's written for it, Dance Music Volume II: More Songs for Slow Motion.


Christian Cohle Offers Haunting Electropop on "Wallflower" (premiere)

Dublin's Christian Cohle creates powerfully haunting electropop on his latest single, "Wallflower".


Speaker Face Marry Hustle and Float With "Work Friends" (premiere)

The Fretless' Trent Freeman and Eric Wright team with Ruby Randall for a deeply meditative single, "Work Friends", about the personal and public faces we wear.


Percussion Becomes the Narrative on Tangents' 'Timeslips'

Drummer Evan Dorrian makes a good argument to be the frontman of Australian improvisational band Tangents on their new album, Timeslips.


Sina Bathaie's Music "Bloom"s As Persian Progessive House

Toronto composer/producer Sina Bathaie serves up Persian hammer dulcimer and progressive house beats on the meditative "Bloom".


The Wisdom, Worry, and Wonder of Hit-Making Producer Ricky Reed

As the go-to producer for everyone from Lizzo to Twenty-One Pilots, Ricky Reed is at the top of his game. Discussing his new solo venture, The Room, the hitmaker opens up about his inspirations, collaborators, and hopes for a better future.


Canadian Producer Whipped Cream Captures the Zeitgeist on 'Who Is Whipped Cream?'

Whipped Cream's debut is a perfect tonic to all the bottled-up rage and pent-up energy many of us are feeling this year while reminding our bodies of the dancefloors to which we will one day return.


Ghetto Kumbé's First LP Is Roots Music From the Future

What sets Ghetto Kumbé apart is their ability to mix the traditional and modern so seamlessly in their music. One minute you're on a Colombian dance floor, and the next you're singing along with the tribes of West Africa.


Gromo and Rhea Raj Make Seductive Electrosoul on "Slowly" (premiere)

Electro/hip-hop producer, Gromo teams with pop/R&B singer Rhea Raj for a beat-filled, Latin- and Indian-influenced electrosoul stunner, the winning "Slowly".


Ryan Alfred's 'A Sudden Rush of Noise' Radiates with Cinematic Ambience (premiere) (album stream)

Ryan Alfred's (Sweet Ghosts) solo debut, A Sudden Rush of Noise, is a genre-bending collection of electronic tracks developed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


​Chillwave's Raligator Is "Popping Dreams With Broken Beliefs"

Chillwave producer Raligator's latest single is the ultra dreamy and trippy "Popping Dreams With Broken Beliefs", and it sports a technicolor video that's vital to the full experience of the song.


'Desire' Shows Electronic Duo Bob Moses Thinking Big

Desire is a successful expansion of Bob Moses' previous standard pop album format into the more grandiose club mix format, one that hints at further creative developments in the group's future.


Palestinian/Jordanian Shamstep Group 47SOUL Rail Against "Border Ctrl."

Palestinian/Jordanian electronic ensemble 47SOUL have just released a timely song in "Border Ctrl." that compares the Israeli and US border walls that cruelly separate people, underpinned with infectious shamstep beats.


Cut Copy Trade in Accessibility for Expansion on 'Freeze, Melt'

On Freeze, Melt, Cut Copy trade in accessibility for expansion and make their pop a touch more cerebral by imbuing it with elements of IDM and ambient music.


Black Marble Meet 'Johnny and Mary' on New Covers EP

On I Must Be Living Twice, Black Marble pleases fans with studio versions of recent live covers of songs by Robert Palmer, Wire, the Field Mice, and Grouper.


DJ Zinc Teams with Brighton's Kudu Blue on New Electrosoul Banger "Out of Control"

Carnival beats and textures drive the upbeat party atmosphere on DJ Zinc and Kudu Blue's new single, "Out of Control".


Meridian Brothers Get Funky and Experimental on 'Cumbia Siglo XXI'

Bogotá's Meridian Brothers return with another avant-garde take on electric cumbia with Cumbia Siglo XXI.


Jon Hassell's Argument for a Fourth World Continues with 'Seeing Through Sound'

At 83, it's clear Jon Hassell's music is forever contemporary. All he's had to do is leave open space for the next exploration, as he does on Seeing Through Sound.


Neu!'s Michael Rother Talks About Experimentation and Chance

Neu!'s Michael Rother reflects on the creative environment of lockdown, the struggles of playing experimental krautrock, and the collective beauty of live performance.


A Guide to the Birdsong of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

Culture and nature are beautifully inseparable in the second volume of the environmentally-conscious A Guide to the Birdsong series.


Less Bells Offer Poignant Post-Classical Ruminations on 'Mourning Jewelry'

Less Bells' Mourning Jewelry is not light music in the sense of weight, but it might be light in the sense of brightness or contrast. It's an engaging little series of tropes about loss and processes of grieving.

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