Ian Ridenhour – “You Help Me Fall Asleep” (video) (premiere)

Asheville indie popper once again teams up with director Kira Bursky. Together, the two dive into a wonderland of vibrant visual imagery on their newest music video.

It would be fair to label Asheville, North Carolina indie popper Ian Ridenhour as precocious. Having just turned 18 last June, the piano-pop maestro has developed a burgeoning collective of followers who deeply appreciate his charmingly offbeat musical output. Ridenhour has an innate knack for exploring relatable themes in meticulously-crafted and unorthodox sonic worlds.

Accurate comparisons to Ben Folds Five this side of “Erase Me” aside, the music that Ridenhour continues to put out rides the line between both radio-ready and uncannily individualistic. He hasn’t sacrificed a shred of his artistry for the sake of developing an earworm more than the listenable nature of his tunes, like “You Help Me Fall Asleep”, naturally happen to be constantly memorable.

The latest in his music video series teaming up with All Around Artsy director, editor, and cinematographer Kira Bursky, the visual presentation of “You Help Me Fall Asleep” only helps in elevating these elements of which his artistic individuality is comprised. It’s a wonderland of vibrant imagery featuring a spasmodic plethora of cuts between ideas and symbols that help drive the song’s themes home. Bursky describes it as, “A metaphorical look at unbalanced relationships, teen love and the exchange of energy between individuals.”