Jennah Barry Offers Up a Warm, Sublime Collection of Memorable Tunes on 'Holiday'

Canadian indie folkster Jennah Barry returns with her long-awaited sophomore album, Holiday, which takes on a looser, more relaxed approach.


Yumi Zouma's 'Truth or Consequences' Is Social Distancing Set to Music

Yumi Zouma, a once-New Zealand-based band whose members scattered to four different cities around the world, return with a sparkling new pop album about distance, Truth or Consequences.


Los Campesinos! 'Romance Is Boring' Holds Up a Decade Later

The three albums Los Campesinos! released after their debut showed who the band really were: angrier, artier, and more thoughtful than we initially thought. Romance Is Boring holds up in its notable decade-on reissue release.


Cabane's 'Grande Est La Maison' Is So Sweet, You May Get Cavities

Brussels-based composer Cabane's latest work aims to pep you up or seduce you, but often makes the sweet too sugary.


U.S. Girls Reckons With Being a Breakout Indie Star on 'Heavy Light'

Meghan Remy's experimental pop project U.S. Girls ventures into more mainstream territory to mixed results on Heavy Light.


Best Coast's 'Always Tomorrow' Moves Forward into New Territory

Best Coast return with Always Tomorrow, a sunny collection of pop songs about loss and finding the courage to rebuild.


Islet Strike a Balance on 'Eyelet'

Welsh trio Islet's third album Eyelet is, for the most part, an engaging and contemplative journey through ethereal psychedelic pop.


15 Essential Tracks from the New Zealand Pop Underground

Recorded for $60 in an island country near the bottom of the globe, "Tally Ho", the debut single by New Zealand's the Clean, was an unlikely candidate to be an international game-changer and a defining moment for a pop movement. Here's a sampling of essential tracks by 15 of New Zealand's finest acts.

Mike Noren

Zoe Sky Jordan's 'Scenes From Infinity' Exhibits the Bittersweet in Life's Happiest Moments (album stream) (premiere)

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Zoe Sky Jordan's Scenes From Infinity honestly expresses the melancholy that can sometimes be laced in life's happiest milestones, such as marriage.


Grrrl Gang's 'Here to Stay!' Is a Tremendous Rejection of Cultural Conformity

While Here to Stay! points to their Riot Grrrl and indie-pop influences, Grrrl Gang methodically transcend redundancy to chisel a concrete space for themselves.


Debut Record of the Year? Squirrel Flower Is in the Running With 'I Was Born Swimming'

Tougher than you think, Squirrel Flower's first album, I Was Born Swimming, combines Joni Mitchell with dream pop, but with an indie rock bite.


Love You Later Seriously "Making Plans" As an Artist to Embrace (premiere + interview)

Reinventing herself as Love You Later, Lexi Aviles is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who came up with the idea after seeing the Japanese House perform. On her new single and music video, she gets to the heart of the matter.


Caroline Rose, A 'Superstar' Is What You Are

Caroline Rose's Superstar is often quite grand in a DIY-kind of way. Think of 1980s era MTV rock performed on a Casio keyboard with a sampler in your bedroom as recreated on modern technology.


Revisiting Dream Pop Past with Pale Saints on 'The Comforts of Madness'

Straining to be heard over the noise of a 1,000 over-effected electric guitars, are Pale Saints the lost champions of shoegaze?


The Orielles Make Their Charming Indie Danceable on 'Disco Volador'

On Disco Volador, the Orielles offer a thrift shop of sounds and gratify those who like their indie rock danceable.


Indie pop's KINLEY Expresses Her Heart on New Album (premiere) (album stream)

Acclaimed singer-songwriter, string player, and activist KINLEY comes full-circle with her sophomore LP, reflecting on several outstanding moments in her life.


Whim Examines Social Media Woes via "Oh Society" (premiere)

"Oh Society" is an infectious indie pop single from Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter Sarah Isabella DiMuzio (Whim), who releases Abuzz in the Abyss this spring.


Boniface's Debut Album Is a Complex, Deeply Personal Pop Masterpiece

Boniface unleash their debut album, a sophisticated coming-of-age statement, full of irresistible pop hooks and rhythms.


Indie Pop's Tennis Are Increasingly Sophisticated on 'Swimmer'

Tennis' Swimmer is a distillation of everything they do so well, and it further establishes them as a dynamic, sophisticated pop act worthy of even bigger stages.


The Homesick Make a Big Noise on 'The Big Exercise'

Dutch post-punk, pop trio the Homesick blend a host of influences, from Scott Walker to Meredith Monk, in with their kaleidoscopic sound on their second album, The Big Exercise.


RJ Thompson Celebrates Relationships That Endure on "Kids" (premiere)

British singer-songwriter RJ Thompson's latest single "Kids" is a vibrant slice of 1980s inspired alt-pop.


Mint Julep Serve Up Luminous Synthpop with 'Stray Fantasies'

Husband and wife duo, Mint Julep take a break from their respective solo projects and release a collection of smart, danceable earworms, Stray Fantasies.


Andy Shauf Shines a Light on 'The Neon Skyline'

On The Neon Skyline, Andy Shauf reminisces about the bad as well as the good with the fuzziness of alcohol cushioning the blows of memory. Life continues, he notes, even if it doesn't always progress.


Star Parks Go for the Immediate with "Something More" (premiere)

Star Parks offer listeners a sophisticated, soulful pop sound on their new single "Something More".


A Girl Called Eddy Returns After 16 Years With Sophomore Masterpiece 'Been Around'

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Erin Moran (a.k.a. A Girl Called Eddy) delivers her long-awaited new album, Been Around, a spellbinding collection of soul pop perfection.


Half-handed Cloud Collects His Oddities for 'Gathered Out of Thin Air'

Songwriter John Ringhofer digs up a decade's worth of odds and ends for an expansive look into the corners of his career as Half-handed Cloud.


Kiwi Jr.'s Debut 'Football Money' Is an Indie Pop Gem

Kiwi Jr.'s Football Money is a jangly, sugar-coated, charming debut album destined to be cherished by indie pop/rock fans of all stripes.


Electropop's Σtella Shares the Funky Dance Pop of "The Break" (premiere)

Greek electropop artist Σtella emerges from the underground to share her latest funky pop tune, "The Break". A new album follows for this musician on the rise.


The 10 Best Indie Pop Albums of 2019

As the dominance of guitar rock has faded among indie-leaning audiences, there has also been a spreading into the mainstream of sounds that would have been easily described as indie-pop a decade ago. Indie-pop styles show up in TV commercials, Hollywood movie soundtracks, and within mainstream pop and country hits.


Comet Gain Make Their Most Punk Record Ever with 'Fireraisers Forever!'

Like most of the world right now, the members of Comet Gain seem to have a knot in their stomach that they're trying to break loose. As such, they've created their most punk effort yet with Fireraisers Forever!


Brits in Hot Weather Presents: Lauran Hibberd

There is a palpable buzz surrounding Isle of Wight singer-songwriter Lauran Hibberd. Throughout 2019, she has been capturing hearts with her electrifying live shows, chock full of whip-smart, playful indie-pop songs anthems infused with her wonderfully twisted, caustic wit.


Katmaz Celebrates the Sadness with "Alone (With Me)" (premiere)

Brooklyn-based art pop artist, Katmaz dances his cares away with a new single (and video) that chronicles a doomed long-distance relationship.


Alec Shaw Bares His Soul in a Live Rendition of "Fools Gold" (premiere)

Indie pop singer-songwriter Alec Shaw brings gospel flavoring to a new live rendition of "Fools Gold", a song about observing the grey areas in religion.


These Are the Artists That Raised Me: An Interview with Indie Pop's Ben Lee

Quarter Century Classix finds Ben Lee tackling songs from the 1990s, including pieces from Pavement, the Breeders, Sonic Youth, and Guided By Voices. "What's funny about this generation of music... is that because that was my formative music, it was also something I had to push against at a certain point."

Jedd Beaudoin
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