Immersion: Analogue Creatures Living on an Island

Electronic duo Immersion combine two EPs to make an album that is better than the individual parts.
Analogue Creatures Living on an Island

With Analogue Creatures Living on an Island, Colin Newman and Malka Spigel hitch four more songs to their previously released EP Analogue Creatures. If you already sprung for the 10-inch, you can purchase the remaining songs on a 10-inch of its own, appropriately named Living on an Island.

The four songs of Living on an Island — “Fireflys”, “Nanocluster”, “Spinner”, and “Living on an Island” — nicely round out the picture that Analogue Creatures first presented in the winter of 2016. Though Immersion themselves deal in a very particular subset of ambient instrumental music, packaging all nine songs together for Analogue Creatures Living on an Island makes for a more well-rounded product. Tracks like “Fireflys” and “Spinner” in particular make more use of treble clef sounds and are less reliant on the gently-pulsing beats that the previously-released material did. The resultant album is one with emotional peaks and valleys but no dip in quality or momentum. I thought Analogue Creatures was merely okay, but Analogue Creatures Living on an Island has now helped set me straight.

RATING 7 / 10