Photo courtesy of the artist

J’Moris Embraces Southern Grit and East Coast Swagger on “K.A.M.” (premiere)

Rising Texas hip-hop artist J'Moris confidently lays it out with his newest summer scorcher "K.A.M.".

Born in Ft. Worth and raised in Hillsboro, rising hip-hop artist J’Moris approaches his music in a way that embraces his Texas heritage. Influenced by the likes of Southern influencers like Chamillionaire and Scarface, the Texan rapper has been making strides since the release of his first single, “Play On”. Much has changed for the artist since dropping “Play On” back at just 17 years of age, including the birth of his first child. This encouraged J’Moris to reconnect with his Hillsboro roots, where he continues to craft tracks reflective of the stories he’s led with Texas wit and an East Coast swagger.

J’Moris’ latest single is “K.A.M”. The song blends a bass-heavy beat with breezy braggadocio played off well by J’Moris in the bars that he’s lying. It’s a refreshingly confident delivery where the rapper shares some of what he is about with listeners, including an infectious backing track reminiscent of somewhere between a smooth dub and early 2000s trap production than much else that is hitting the scene today. The music video reflects a similar attitude, featuring J’Moris out and about on the Hillsboro streets. All in all, the artist tells us that it’s a “product of the environment”.

“K.A.M” is the latest single to be released by J’Moris and is out now.