S!ege's "Tuesday Blues" Is an Emotionally Charged Single (video) (premiere)

Dark, disturbing and cathartic '90s-inspired video from S!ege promises to move the listener, one way or another.

S!ege delivers a new, emotionally-charged track that recalls the most emotionally spare and emotionally honest music of the 1990s. Traversing the distance between that eras acoustic-driven grunge (think Alice in Chains circa Jar of Flies) and dark hip-hop, "Tuesday Blues" remains an excellent example of substance over style. If you're not on your knees and screaming come the track's climax, you're not experiencing it to the fullest.

S!ege offers this about the track (with all lowercase instances of "I" being intentional): "i wrote 'Tuesday Blues' in this weird headspace where i didn't really wanna be with anyone and i didn't really want to be in a good place mentally. i wanted to do things i knew i shouldn't and spend time with people i knew would hurt me."

As for the grim and potent video, the artist offers this: "We shot this video on a whim, with about a week's planning. i bought six black body suits and invited a bunch of my friends to come be creepy. the idea for this video came out of my unease with starting a solo project. i felt like no matter how much control i wanted, i'd never truly be in the driver's seat because what i create alone in my bedroom is never good enough. It's always gotta be packaged and repackaged, chopped up and spliced together. maybe that's ok, but goddamnit, sometimes i just wanna write a song without worrying about people liking it."

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