U.S. Girls Reckons With Being a Breakout Indie Star on 'Heavy Light'

Meghan Remy's experimental pop project U.S. Girls ventures into more mainstream territory to mixed results on Heavy Light.


FKA twigs Elegantly Explores Her Delicate Core on 'Magdalene'

Magdalene makes an unpredictable turn wherein FKA twigs traverses an introverted dimension of her vision through a minimalist perspective and a sense of controlled extravagance.


Sean O'Hagan Breathes New Life Into MOR with 'Radum Calls, Radum Calls'

The head High Llama, Sean O'Hagan reaches way beyond pop to make the surreal easy listening album, Radum Calls, Radum Calls.


Very Good's 'Adulthood' Is Another Brilliant Exercise in Experimental Quirkiness

The third album from the twisted mind of Sean Cronin shows his band, Very Good, moving in strange, oddly compelling directions.


Slayyyter's Love For 'Blackout' Era Britney Spears Informs Her Debut Mixtape

Slayyyter's debut mixtape suggests not only nostalgia for, but an intrinsic value in, a long-dead version of celebrity in which artists needn't make statements to achieve icon status.


Hanne Hukkelberg's Ongoing Pop Evolution Continues with "The Young and Bold I" (premiere)

Ahead of the release of Birthmark, art pop virtuoso Hanne Hukkelberg shares her newest single, "The Young and Bold I".


Stereolab's Recent Re-Isssues Are Re-Imagined, and Re-Contextualized to Stunning Effect

Reissues of two early albums are a startling reminder of Stereolab's power and influence. Their music not only re-invents itself, but it refreshes and renews its listeners as well.


Strange Vistas from the Occultism of Coil and Psychic TV

Psychic TV and Coil were vanguard bands that blended ritual magick and creative method. But even their esoteric beliefs bore scant resemblance. This is a split that runs deep.


Laurel Halo's 'DJ Kicks' Set Is Immaculately Balanced and Curated

Laurel Halo's DJ Kicks is a perfectly controlled and sequenced set, looking occasionally backward but mostly forward, and always very much in the present moment.


Pom Poko Defy Conventions and Classifications with 'Birthday'

Norwegian quartet Pom Poko's debut Birthday is a stunning, mind-blowing mix of monster riffs and sweet melodies.


Julia Holter Produces Her Most Ambitious Work Yet with 'Aviary'

With her new record, Aviary, Julia Holter expands her scope to include elements of free improvisation, neo-classical leanings, and folk-induced hallucinations, thereby producing a substantial work of art.


Laurel Halo's 'Raw Silk Uncut Wood' Meditates on Moments, Scenic and Manic

On Raw Silk Uncut Wood, Laurel Halo shifts her typically synthetic, dense approach to raw, uncut minimalism.


SOPHIE's 'OIL OF EVERY PEARL's UN-INSIDES' Advances Pop Music As an Expression of the Marginalized

SOPHIE's debut album OIL OF EVERY PEARL's UN-INSIDES plays with pop motifs, not as parody, but to create the catchiest form of self expression.


Charli XCX Brings Special Guests and "Boys" to Brooklyn 'Pop 2' Party

The second of two special shows for Pop 2 was held at Elsewhere in Brooklyn and saw Charli XCX provide a unique frame on pop.


Modern Music Icons Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet Collaborate with Heart-stopping Beauty

There's no mistaking that Landfall is an album heavy with gloom and grief. Nonetheless, it's beautiful and an excellent first collaboration between Anderson and Kronos.


Palm - "Dog Milk" (Singles Going Steady)

Here we are, in 2018, and we finally have a band that sounds like the lo-fi budget version of looping math-rockers Battles.


Beauty, Truth, and Finding Solace at the ​"Union Cafe​" with Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Simon Jeffes' untimely death left a gaping hole in the high specialized world of joyful fringe music. His son Arthur picks up the pieces by re-releasing his father's final studio album on vinyl and pays tribute to it through live performances.


The Residents Celebrate the Death of Pop with 'Third Reich 'n Roll'

An avant-garde classic or a sneering joke? Third Reich 'n Roll may be over 40 years old, but it still sounds like it's been beamed down from the future.


John Maus: Screen Memories

John Maus is not here to give us answers. He's here to mull it over and complicate our thoughts.


Anohni: Paradise EP

While none of the tracks here are quite as immediate or undeniable as "Drone Bomb Me" or "4 Degrees", Paradise is a searing and compelling indictment of our global predicament.


The 12 Best Brian Wilson Songs

In addition to his recent album, No Pier Pressure, Brian Wilson is about to have a biopic about him released in theaters. The 12 songs below also form a vivid portrait of his life as a pop genius.

Scott Interrante

Julia Holter: Loud City Song

A different kind of fantasy, and a more dangerous one, permeates the streets of Julia Holter's Loud City Song.


Azita: Disturbing the Air

Though she is unlikely to ever fully relinquish her “acquired taste” label, let’s be honest: none of Azita's dedicated listeners truly want her to.

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