The Best Dance Tracks of 2019

From French-Canadian electronic producer Marie Davidson's riotously scathing critique of modern capitalism to Dolly Parton's chart-topping foray into the world of EDM, here is a list of some of the year's best dance tracks.


The 20 Best Album Re-Issues of 2009

Step back 10 years when we presented our 20 best re-issues of 2009, highlighted by the long overdue remastering of the Beatles oeuvre, a number of '80s and '90s classics, and one of the most storied catalogues in electronic music.


The Best Country Music of 2011

At first it seemed like an especially quiet year in country music, and in some ways it might have been. At the same time, country is country: it rolls on.

Jedd Beaudoin, Dave Heaton, Josh Langhoff, and Jonathan Sanders

Dolly Parton: Backwoods Barbie

Backwoods Barbie has dramatic cheatin’ songs and giddy fun alike, with Parton tapping into both her tacky-glamour persona and her serious songwriting skills for a varied collection of songs that ranks among her best.


Dolly Parton: Live and Well

Anyone who thinks Dolly Parton is just the punch-line to a joke about big breasts has clearly never listened to her music. And those who think her music is aimed squarely at simple country folk . . . well, if they got that impression from listening to the stage patter on her otherwise-enjoyable new live album, it's hard to blame them.

Will Harris

Dolly Parton

Given the visible solidarity of punk rock lesbians and harmonizing churchgoers, maybe it's time to consider the idea of Ambassador Dolly.

Jennifer Bendery
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