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The Reign of Kindo Discuss Why We're Truly "Better Off Together"

The Reign of Kindo's Joseph Secchiaroli delves deep into their latest single and future plans, as well as how COVID-19 has affected not only the band but America as a whole.


Cosmic Dust and Interstellar Grooves: An Interview with Nona Hendryx

As guest Artistic Director for 'The Cosmic Synthesis of Sun Ra and Afrofuturism' at Harlem Stage, funk rock icon Nona Hendryx brings audiences to other dimensions.


Adam Lambert Gets Nostalgic on 'Velvet'

On his first album in five years, Adam Lambert finds his groove by moving in the right direction. Velvet feels effortless and natural, from the funk and disco beats to the synth and soft rock influences.


The Wants Make Post-Punk That Matters on 'Container'

Brooklyn post-punk trio, the Wants deal in 21st-century dread but do so in a most danceable way on Container.


Needshes Perfectly Capture Teenage Obsession on "Love"(premiere)

Uzbekistani band Needshes' new single is a playful indie track that quickly locks into a tight, funk groove. Have some "Love" for Valentine's Day.


Morris Day Gives the Reader a Funky Take on a Life in Funk with 'On Time'

Day built his everything on top of Prince's everything, and it's no secret. In his memoir, On Time, he channels the superstar to enjoyable effect.


Dankrupt Explore Romance's Darker Side With "Drowning" (premiere)

California's Dankrupt share an upbeat-sounding tune about the dark side of romance when someone's in love with a drug addict.


Incubus and Dub Trio Party Like It's 1999 in San Francisco

As Incubus' Make Yourself album progresses on stage, the seamless flow that's always made it a great listen shines through as the band takes the audience on a genuine sonic journey.


'Wallop' Is the Sound of !!! Marking Out New Territory

Dance-punk band, !!! darken the edges of their sound and look beyond the dancefloor on Wallop. It's one of the group's most consistently interesting and cohesive albums to date.


The Heavy Defy Musical Conventions on 'Sons'

The Heavy's latest release, Sons, demonstrates that their musical trajectory is far more complicated and nuanced than what's been embraced by popular culture.


The Heavy Bring the Rockin' Soul on "Heavy for You" (premiere)

Britain's soul/rock greats the Heavy return with a new album in May and a powerful new single in "Heavy for You".


Incubus Rock the German Capital

Incubus brings Berlin's Columbiahalle crowd to ecstasy during the European Leg of their 8 tour.


Hamad Kalkaba and the Golden Sounds: Hamad Kalkaba and the Golden Sounds 1974-1975

Soul, brass, and gandjal rhythms bring a new energy to the Analog Africa repertoire via Cameroonian funk rock band Hamad Kalkaba and the Golden Sounds.


Kindo Reemerge with Bombastic Funk/Jazz/Pop Intricacy on "Human Convention" (premiere)

The opening track from Kindo's upcoming record, Happy However After, is a wonderfully lively and complex ride.

Jordan Blum

Rock Solid Woman: 20 Essential Nona Hendryx Performances

Whether a nightbird in flight or a skindiver in transformation, Nona Hendryx is the quintessential Rock Solid Woman. PopMatters celebrates Joe's Pub at the Public's very first Vanguard Resident with 20 of her most unforgettable performances.


Primus: The Desaturating Seven

Primus' classic lineup returns with the shortest, most focused album of their career, recalling their '90s heyday without ignoring their post-2000 jam-band tendencies.


Warpaint: Heads Up

Warpaint may have crafted their best album yet, one that adroitly harnesses and alchemizes genres, moods, and sounds to suit their many purposes.


The 12 Best Red Hot Chili Peppers Music Videos

A look back at not only some of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' best music videos, but some of the best music videos ever made.


The 15 Best Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs

Red Hot Chili Peppers have unquestionably produced some of the most memorable and influential rock songs of the past couple decades. Here are their 15 best.


Mamas Gun: Routes to Riches (Deluxe Edition)

Need a contender for one of 2010's most essential albums? Start here.

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