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Better Graphics Don't Make for Better Racing

The 2015 installment of Need for Speed prioritizes realism and verisimilitude over gameplay.


Super Bowl XLVIII: Battle of the Epic Commercials

These ads made us laugh, tugged at our heartstrings, or just wasted our time.


'Need for Speed: Rivals' Is at War with Its Soundtrack

If you have to put a game on mute in order to listen to its soundtrack, something has gone terribly wrong.


'Need for Speed: Rivals' Is at War with Itself

Need for Speed: Rivals is more of an MMO than a simple open world game, yet it doesn't know how to be an MMO.


Progress at the Expense of Fun in 'Most Wanted'

Most Wanted tries to apply a shooter progression system onto a racing game and proves that the same template doesn’t work everywhere. This is progress at the expense of fun.


Open Worlds Aren’t Meant for Driving

An open world should give us a sense of majesty and wonder while providing lots of gameplay options. A racing game, specifically an arcade racer like Most Wanted, isn’t about any of those things.


Familiarity Breeds Suspense in ‘The Run’

Establishing a cast at the beginning that remains intact throughout the game could make it more fun to race.


My Slow Start With 'Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit'

Racing games still force players to start with the slowest cars and work their way up. Despite my frustrations, this system works for Hot Pursuit.


Need for Speed Undercover

Does Need for Speed Undercover have a place in the racing game fan's library?

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