When the Migrants Come to Collect Their Due: On Suketu Mehta's 'This Land Is Our Land'

Suketu Mehta offers a powerful, angry, and brilliant defense of immigrant rights in This Land Is Our Land: An Immigrant's Manifesto.


'Ghosts of the Tsunami' Easily Ranks Among the Best Accomplishments of Journalistic Narrative This Century

Richard Parry investigates what happened at Okawa Elementary following the 2011 earthquake, and what broader lessons the tragedy teaches us.


On Sound and Rhythm in Text: Angela Leighton's 'Hearing Things'

Imaginative listening while reading, as Leighton demonstrates so masterfully, is not only a form of cognition but also a physical experience as we read or write literary texts.


'Talking to My Daughter About the Economy', and Putting Economists In Their Place

Yanis Varoufakis treats with disdain the idea that economics is a real science – it's more like a contemporary form of religion, propped up by ruling elites to make gullible everyday people remain subservient and go along with the elites' bad and self-serving ideas, he says.


On Rainer Maria Rilke's Letters on Loss: 'The Dark Interval'

Letter-writing allowed Rainer Maria Rilke to turn intimate one-on-one communication into a carefully-crafted artifact in its own right that transcended time itself.


Chris Stamey's Homage to the New York Music Scene of the '70s

A Spy In The House of Loud works best on quiet stages, taking singular trips down clearly paved roads with definite endings.


'Elements of Surprise' and the Pleasures of Being Had

Vera Tobin's work helps dispel 20th-century Freudian notions that we are made up of many inexplicable facets, that our motives are unknown to us, and that we repress all that we cannot deal with.


Did Women Writers Change the 20th Century New York Intellectual Scene?

Michelle Dean's Sharp challenges readers to consider what we gain from reading the lives and works of women writers and how they shaped cultural and socio-political thought in the 20th century and beyond.


Shelter from the Norm: Umbrellas Aren’t Always What They Seem in ‘Brolliology’

Mary Poppins, Mrs. Gamp, Egyptian deities, a Japanese umbrella spirit, and a supporting cast of hundreds of brollies fill Marion Rankine's lively history.


'Designed for Hi-Fi Living': The Vinyl LP in Midcentury America by Janet Borgerson, Jonathan Schroeder

A colorful new book celebrates the midcentury rise of the vinyl format and its attempt to reflect and inform modern American life.


'Imaginary Cities' Is a Book to Enjoy Getting Lost In

In charting the cities of human fancy, Darran Anderson has created the opposite of an atlas.


'Calcutta' Is a Vivid, Sensitive, and Perceptive Literary Portrait of the City

The author presents a balanced, if occasionally slow-paced, portrait of his birthplace, detailing his travels and memories of Calcutta over a two-year period.


How Can a Child Live Beyond the Reach of Societal Restrictions?

Raising My Rainbow: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son is witty, compassionate, sensitive, and deeply honest.


The Former Talking Heads Frontman Starts Making Sense in 'How Music Works'

"... it is the music and the lyrics that trigger the emotions within us, rather than the other way around. We don't make the music—it makes us."


Gripping Reportage in 'Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt'

Eisner Award winner Joe Sacco joins reporter Chris Hedges to survey U.S. poverty and economic despair in Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt.


'Context' Without the Context

Despite the title, the book surprisingly offers very little context between technology guru Cory Doctorow’s ideas and thoughts from piece to piece.


Glimmers of Hope for Bombay in Suketu Mehta's 'Maximum City'

Suketa Mehta paints a rich and intimate portrait of Bombay in Maximum City, one informed by a journalist's eye and a homecoming heart.

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